Monday, March 07, 2011

Syllabic Grid of Ancient Scripts : Luvian MinAegCon Syllabic Grid Conclusion and Concluding Remarks

More than 30 years ago, I deciphered the Phaistos Disk (also written
Phaistos Disc) as a mathematical problem of parallel lines and that
decipherment stands up to the MinAegCon + Luvian syllabic grid that I
have just finished publishing.

There are some minor corrections to be made there by me in the future
since I did have to move a few of the signs around based upon that
MinAegCon syllabic grid, but by and large the decipherment of the
Phaistos Disk as Ancient Mycenaean Greek and as an ancient version of
Euclid's 5th postulate (its converse) on parallel lines remains intact.

ALL of the signs on the Phaistos Disk are syllabic and none of them
represent any of the vowels or W-based syllables later encountered in
the ancient scripts of the grid.

That remarkable fact not only makes it impossible that the Phaistos Disk
was forged, as some observers have ventured, but it also suggests that
either the Phaistos Disk -- or its predecessor - was either made prior
to the addition of vowel signs or W-based signs to the writing system,
or, more likely, that the maker to save space intentionally stuck to
syllabic signs. Only someone who knew the language perfectly could have
done so. No forger would have been able to differentiate ancient signs
in terms of syllables, w-based syllables and vowels.

Indeed, the scholars working on these scripts today have a hard time
identifying the language value of the syllables, period, and the
MinAegCon syllabic grid will ultimately lead to an improvement of the
decipherment of syllabic and vowel signs and the attendant scripts in
all ancient written languages.

Summa summarum, all things considered, the MinAegCon syllabic grid +
Luvian contributes to us vast amounts of new knowledge and
understanding about how the landmark technology of writing by human
beings on our planet began and how it developed in the early
civilizations of mankind.

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