Friday, January 07, 2011

Thinking of Filing a Lawsuit? The Complete Idiot's Guide to Lawsuits May Be the Resource You Need

Thinking of filing a lawsuit?

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Lawsuits by Victoria E. Green, J.D. covers inter alia:
"•The pros and cons of filing lawsuits

•How they begin and each party's response

•Selecting and paying attorneys

•Consequences of the settlement and appeals
The book is reviewed by Richard Acello at the ABA Journal at The Lawsuit Guide for Dolts.

One of the author Green's key motivations for writing the book is to inform the general public that "real law" simply is not like TV law.

Green is quoted as follows by Acello:
"“I teach undergrads, and they have a good TV grasp of how the legal system works,” she says, “but the reality is totally beyond them. They don’t understand that cases are not settled in a one-hour episode.”"
Sounds like a good book for the schools, where more should be taught than how many feet are on a centipede ... and the answer is (Wikipedia, Centipede): "Despite the name, centipedes can have a varying number of legs from under 20 to over 300."

The law is a lot like that: more complex than it appears to laymen.

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