Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Letter to our LawPundit Readers about the Content of our Postings

Dear Readers,

Although LawPundit is primarily a LAW blog that also concentrates on current events, especially politics, economics and finance, we nevertheless include sports postings from time to time.

A study some years ago of the male readers of an international newspaper discovered that the average reader FIRST read the sports page at the BACK of the paper and only then went on to read the FRONT page headlines.

It is thus no surprise that some of our most popular postings are our sports postings. Indeed, these postings always bring us new readership.

What we will try to do is to sandwich serious legal posts inbetween the sports posts, especially during the current football season.

- Andis Kaulins, LawPundit

YPPSYS College Football Prediction Results (IV - continued to end) - Week 1, 2010 Season

The Sunday and Monday game results finish up the NCAA FBS college football games for the first week of the season as the YPPSYS predictions finished 69-9 in calling the winner but only 16-22-1 against the spread.

Tulsa (favored by 7.5 points) at East Carolina.
YPPSYS called it: 24-17 for East Carolina.
RESULT: East Carolina won 51-49.
This season thus far we are 68-7 in calling the winner and 16-19-1 against the spread.
This is the great finish of the year, early in the season. After the two teams exchanged touchdowns for 10 straight possessions, the Pirates beat the Golden Hurricane on a "Hail Mary Pass". In spite of a prevent defense by Tulsa, Dominique Davis threw a 33-yard TD highly arched pass to the man with jersey number 84, 6-foot-8-inch Justin Jones at the goal line, as the clock ran out, whose extended reach enabled him to catch the ball though encircled by defenders, giving new head coach Ruffin McNeill the exciting win at his alma mater in his head coaching debut at East Carolina. In a game like this in college football, there are really no losers and only winners, especially true football fans.

SMU at Texas Tech (favored by 13.5 points)
YPPSYS called it: 31-14 for Texas Tech.
RESULT: The Red Raiders won 35-27.
This season thus far we are 69-7 in calling the winner and 16-20-1 against the spread.
After taking a 35-14 lead, Texas Tech dropped its guard and had its hands full before they could leave the game a winner against the improving SMU Mustangs.

Navy (favored by 6.5 points) at Maryland
YPPSYS called it: 42-13 for Navy.
RESULT: Maryland won 17-14.
This season thus far we are 69-8 in calling the winner and 16-21-1 against the spread.
How does a team outgain another team 485 to 271 yards and still lose the game 17-14? Navy showed how by taking ages to move down the field on scoreless drives, thus eating up the clock and limiting its own scoring opportunities. Once inside the opponent's 5-yard line, the coaches kept calling the play number of the same player, who fumbled the ball away twice and once failed to make a 4th and 1 at the 1 yard line. We realize the strength of a well-balanced and creative rushing offense, but any team that plays this kind of unimaginative, boring, slow-footed football deserves to lose -- the Navy QB ran 29 times for 63 yards. Did you say, turn off the TV?

Boise State (favored by 2.5 points) at Virginia Tech.
YPPSYS called it: 17-16 for the Hokies.
RESULT: Virginia Tech got hammered in the first quarter and trailed 17-0 but came back to narrow the score to 20-14 at the half. The Hokies then took the 3rd-quarter lead at 27-26 and increased that lead to 30-26 in the last quarter before the Broncos came back to score the deciding touchdown with 1:14 to play in the game and win the game 33-30. Boise State was statistically also the more dominating team, outgaining Virginia Tech 383 to 314 yards and averaging 6.2 yards per play on average to only 4.8 yards for the Hokies, so that the Broncos had about the same yardage advantage this year that Nebraska (in losing at the last minute) had over Virginia Tech last year. The key to evaluating teams is not to get too far off track in overemphasizing the winner of the game. One must analyze the stats objectively.

This season thus far we are 69-9 in calling the winner and 16-22-1 against the spread.
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Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow on Why God Did Not Create the Universe -- at the Wall Street Journal Online

At the Wall Street Journal Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow on Why God Did Not Create the Universe

An amazing number of comments on this one at WSJ.com ....

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