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New Beta College Football Boxscores at Rivals Now Have a Link to the "Classic Box Score"

Rivals at have adopted a new college football boxscore format which is terrible and thankfully now has a link at the football game pages to their old "classic box score" which was in fact far superior. They write:
"New Beta Boxscores
We've upgraded our box score experience, but you can still view the classic box score."
The beta boxscores look like something cooked up in the kitchen without asking the diners, i.e. the fans.

YPPSYS College Football Prediction Results (III - continued) - Week 1, 2010 Season

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miami of Ohio at Florida (favored by 36 points).
YPPSYS called it: 62-3 for Florida.
RESULT: Florida won 34-12.
We are 20-1 in calling the winner and 3-6 against the spread. The game showed that the  RedHawks are greatly improved as a team over their 1-11 season last year and that the Gators are much worse than expected, as Miami of Ohio gained more first downs and equalled Florida in total offense with 212 yards, as Florida capitalized only via its defense and 4 pass interceptions. With this offense, Florida will have trouble in the SEC.

Samford at Florida State.
YPPSYS called it: 41-14 for Florida State.
RESULT: Florida State won 59-6, after leading 42-3 at halftime.
We are 21-1 in calling the winner and 3-6 against the spread.The Seminole fans will be happy with the outcome of the game, but the defense gave up 300 yards total offense -- far too much, so that Florida State still has a lot of work to do to improve upon their defensive weaknesses.

Youngstown State at Penn State.
YPPSYS called it: 41-7 for the Nittany Lions .
RESULT: Penn State won 44-14.
We are 22-1 in calling the winner and 3-6 against the spread.Starting freshman QB Robert Bolden threw for 239 yards on 20 of 29 completions.

Western Michigan at Michigan State (favored by 21.5 points).
YPPSYS called it: 38-20 for the Spartans.
RESULT: The Spartans won 38-14.
We are 23-1 in calling the winner and 3-7 against the spread.Everything went pretty much as expected except that Western Michigan had a 2nd and 1 yard to go for a TD or field goal late in the 4th quarter but failed to capitalize for a score as a 4th and 1 pass went incomplete. You have to be able to call the correct plays in the red zone.

Eastern Illinois at Iowa.
YPPSYS called it: 51-0 for Iowa.
RESULT: The Hawkeyes won 37-7.
We are 24-1 in calling the winner and 3-7 against the spread.Iowa dominated the Panters, outgaining them 435 to 157 yards total offense.

LA Lafayette at Georgia (favored by 28.5 points).
YPPSYS called it: 34-10 for Georgia.
RESULT: The Bulldogs won 55-7.
We are 25-1 in calling the winner and 3-8 against the spread.Aaron Murray passed for 194 yards and three touchdowns on 16 of 24 completions, and had one rushing TD in his first college game. Things suddenly look optimistic for the Bulldogs this season in spite of off-field problems.

Missouri (favored by 12.5 points) at Illinois.
YPPSYS called it:  21-20 for the Illini.
RESULT: The Tigers won 23-13.
We are 25-2 in calling the winner and 4-8 against the spread.The Illini showed an improved team but faded in the second half as Blaine Gabbert completed 34 of 48 passes for 281 yards.

South Carolina State at Georgia Tech.
YPPSYS called it:  for .
RESULT: Georgia Tech won 41-10.
We are 26-2 in calling the winner and 4-8 against the spread.The Yellow Jackets rushed for 372 yards in an impressive win over a good FCS team.

Weber State at Boston College.
YPPSYS called it: 44-7 for Boston College.
RESULT: The Eagles won 38-20.
We are 27-2 in calling the winner and 4-8 against the spread.
The Wildcats played the Eagles pretty even, statistically seen.

Colorado (favored by 12.5 points) at Colorado State.
YPPSYS called it: 31-24 for Colorado.
RESULT: The Buffaloes won 24-3 as Tyler Hansen completed 17 of 26 passes for 191 yards and 2 TDs, plus one rushing TD. Dan Hawkins is still on the hot seat as head coach but at least now he has a bit of breathing room.
We are 28-2 in calling the winner and 4-9 against the spread. 

Northwestern State at Air Force.
YPPSYS called it:  52-7 for the Falcons.
RESULT: Air Force won 65-21.
We are 29-2 in calling the winner and 4-9 against the spread.
The Falcons started slowly and were ahead only 24-21 at the half. Air Force put up 616 yards total offense, 437 of those rushing.

North Texas at Clemson (favored by 23.5 points). 
YPPSYS called it:  31-14 for Clemson .
RESULT: Clemson won 35-10.
We are 30-2 in calling the winner and 4-10 against the spread.
The Mean Green put up a valiant battle, outgaining the Tigers 462 to 423 on offense but were unable to turn many of those yards into scores.

Coastal Carolina at West Virginia.
YPPSYS called it:  38-14 for the Mountaineers.
RESULT: West Virginia won 31-0.
We are 31-2 in calling the winner and 4-10 against the spread.
The Mountaineers outgained the Chanticleers 399 to 184 yards.

Connecticut at Michigan (favored by 3 points).
YPPSYS called it: 31-27 for the Wolverines.
RESULT: Michigan won 30-10.
We are 32-2 in calling the winner and 5-10 against the spread.
UConn never knew what hit them. Did someone say Denard Robinson? Making his first start at QB for the University of Michigan, the sophomore out of Deerfield Beach, Florida completed 19 of 22 passes for 186 yards and 1 TD and rushed for 1 TD on 29 carries for 197 yards. The Wolverines outgained the Huskies 473 to 343 yards.

Jacksonville State at Mississippi.
YPPSYS called it:  27-13 for Ole Miss.
RESULT: FCS Jacksonville State beat FBS Mississippi 49-48 in two overtimes.
We are 32-3 in calling the winner and 5-10 against the spread. This was a great game for the ages, especially for fans in Alabama, andthe biggest upset of the current football season as freshman Coty Blanchard on 4th and 15 at the 30 completed a 30-yard TD pass to Kevyn Cooper in the second overtime and then in a gamble for the win threw the 2-point conversion to Calvin Middleton. Nice job by head coach Jack Crowe. Lost in the shuffle was the fact that Oregon transfer Jeremiah Masoli won an appeal to the NCAA and was allowed to play college football this season. He played for Ole Miss and completed 6 of 9 passes for 93 yards and was a positive factor in the overtime. 

Texas (favored by 28.5 points) at Rice.
YPPSYS called it: 61-7 for Texas.
RESULT: The Longhorns won 34-17.
We are 33-3 in calling the winner and 5-11 against the spread.
Garret Gilbert is no Colt McCoy as the Longhorns were very unimpressive in this game.

New Mexico at Oregon (favored by 34 points).
YPPSYS called it: 45-13 for Oregon.
RESULT: Oregon won 72-0 .
We are 34-3 in calling the winner and 5-12 against the spread.
Oregon led at halftime 59-0 against a Lobo football program riddled with coaching and other problems. Sophomore Kenjon Barner, last year on the All-PAC-10 Freshman Team, ran for 4 TDs and 147 yards and caught one TD pass for 60 yards, all in the first half. Get out the record books.

Purdue at Notre Dame (favored by 11 points).
YPPSYS called it: 41-24 for the Fighting Irish.
RESULT: Notre Dame won 23-12, matching the spread.
We are 35-3 in calling the winner and 5-12-1 against the spread.
This was a bit of disappointment as the Fighting Irish roared to a 20-3 lead but then did not show the killer instinct necessary to nail the game down.

UCLA at Kansas State (favored by 3 points).
YPPSYS called it:  27-21 for the Wildcats.
RESULT: Kansas State won 31-22.
We are 36-3 in calling the winner and 6-12-1 against the spread.
The difference in the game was Daniel Thomas who rushed for 2 Wildcat TDs, carrying the ball 28 times for 234 yards.

Kentucky (favored by 3 points) at Louisville.
YPPSYS called it: 21-17 for Louisville.
RESULT: Kentucky won 23-16.
We are 36-4 in calling the winner and 6-13-1 against the spread.
The Louisville defense gave up 466 yards -- too many.

UC Davis at California.
YPPSYS called it: 38-23 for Cal.
RESULT: Cal won 52-3.
We are 37-4 in calling the winner and 6-13-1 against the spread.
The Golden Bears led 35-0 at the half and it was no contest as Cal dominated all phases of the game.

South Dakota at UCF.
YPPSYS called it: 38-14 for UCF.
RESULT: UCF won 38-7.
We are 38-4 in calling the winner and 6-13-1 against the spread.
The two UCF quarterbacks Calabrese and Godfrey completed 18 of 22 passes for 241 yards while the team rushed for 231 yards.

Tennessee-Martin at Tennessee.
YPPSYS called it: 56-7 for the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
RESULT: The Volunteers won 50-0.
We are 39-4 in calling the winner and 6-13-1 against the spread.
New head coach Derek Dooley started his tenure out right with a big shutout in which the defense held the Skyhawks to 3 first downs and 142 total yards, as the Vols offense put up 537 yards total offense.

Richmond at Virginia.
YPPSYS called it: 24-21 for Virginia.
RESULT: The Cavaliers won 34-13.
We are 40-4 in calling the winner and 6-13-1 against the spread.
Richmond kept it close for 3 quarters, but Keith Payne rushed for 4 Cavaliers TDs as Mike London made a successful football debut as Virginia head coach against his formerly head coached team.

Western Carolina at North Carolina State.
YPPSYS called it: 38-14 for North Carolina State.
RESULT: The Wolfpack won 48-7.
We are 41-4 in calling the winner and 6-13-1 against the spread.
The Wolfpack fell behind 7-0 and then shut out the Catamounts in an easy win.

Syracuse (favored by 9 points) at Akron.
YPPSYS called it: 31-7 for Syracuse.
RESULT: The Orange won 29-3.
We are 42-4 in calling the winner and 7-13-1 against the spread.
The Orange held the Zips to 166 total yards.

Sacramento State at Stanford.
YPPSYS called it: 61-6 for the Cardinal.
RESULT: The Cardinal won 52-17.
We are 43-4 in calling the winner and 7-13-1 against the spread.
Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck completed 14 of 18 passes for 301 yards and 4 TDs in the first half as Stanford led 38-7 at halftime.

San Jose State at Alabama (favored by 39.5 points).
YPPSYS called it: 44-3 for the Crimson Tide.
RESULT: The Crimson Tide won 48-3.
We are 44-4 in calling the winner and 8-13-1 against the spread.
Alabama rolled up 591 yards total offense in an easy win.

Memphis at Mississippi State (favored by 21 points).
YPPSYS called it:  45-10 for Mississippi State.
RESULT: The Bulldogs won 49-7.
We are 45-4 in calling the winner and 9-13-1 against the spread.
The Bulldogs showed their strength as QB Tyler Russell threw for 4 TDs.

Stephen F. Austin at Texas A&M.
YPPSYS called it: 55-7 for the Aggies.
RESULT: Texas A&M won 48-7.
We are 46-4 in calling the winner and 9-13-1 against the spread.
Jerrod Johnson completed 23 of 35 passes for 278 yards.

Bowling Green at Troy State (favored by 14.5 points).
YPPSYS called it:  31-27 for Troy State.
RESULT: The Trojans won 30-27.
We are 47-4 in calling the winner and 10-13-1 against the spread.
Troy outgained the Falcons 475 to 329 yards.

Utah State at Oklahoma (favored by 31 points).
YPPSYS called it: 65-7 for the Sooners.
RESULT: The Sooners won 31-24.
We are 48-4 in calling the winner and 10-14-1 against the spread.
The Aggies matched the Sooners in total offense 421 to 422 yards in a game that cast grave doubts on the idea that Oklahoma has a superior team this year, as Landry Jones completed less than 50% of his passes (17 of 36) for 217 yards and 2 TDs with 2 interceptions, while Diondre Borel for the Aggies also completed 17 of 36 passes but for 341 yards and 2 TDs with 3 interceptions. A weak pass defense dooms the Sooners to losses.

Washington at BYU (favored by 3 points).
YPPSYS called it: 27-26 for Washington.
RESULT: BYU won 23-17.
We are 48-5 in calling the winner and 10-15-1 against the spread.
BYU held Washington scoreless in the second half and came back from a first half deficit to beat the greatly improved Huskies, who nearly matched BYU in total offense, 394 to 409 yards. However, Washington lost this game because of chicken-little playcalling in that second half. Here is an example with data taken from the ESPN Play By Play of the game:

In the 4th quarter, the Huskies drive started with 5:55 on the clock and Washington down 23-17 to BYU. By passing the ball, Washington moved from their own 25 to a 1st and 10 at the BYU 30 with only a few minutes to play.  Then, here is the playcalling by Washington:
"Chris Polk rush for 1 yard to the BYU 29....
Chris Polk rush for 4 yards to the BYU 25....        
Jake Locker rush for a loss of 2 yards to the BYU 27....        
clock 01:55.         
4th and 7 at BYU 27 Jake Locker pass incomplete...."
For a team that had been moving in the drive by passing the ball, that is not the way to call plays and win a ball game and most certainly not late in the 4th quarter with the game is on the line. You have to play TO WIN.

Western Kentucky at Nebraska (favored by 37 points).
YPPSYS called it: 70-0 for the Huskers.
RESULT: The Cornhuskers won 49-10.
We are 49-5 in calling the winner and 11-15-1 against the spread.
This was a bittersweet victory for Corn Nation and the Huskers who showed clearly that they miss a man named Suh, giving up a massive 299 yards to the weak Hilltoppers, while the Big Red gained 536 yards on offense on 247 yards passing and 289 yards rushing. NU used three quarterbacks, Taylor Martinez, Cody Green and Zac Lee -- in that order, as the three completed 17 of 25 passes for 247 yards and 1 TD (by Green). Taylor Martinez was the leading Husker rusher with 7 carries for 127 yards. Nebraska lost two fumbles and were lucky that a rush for 46 yards by Bobby Raines of the Hilltoppers ended with a fumble recovery by NU's Eric Hagg in the NU end zone. In fact Raines carried the ball 30 times for a gigantic 155 yards. This was not the dominating pérformance expected and the Huskers will have to work hard to win against much improved Idaho and Washington teams in the next two weeks. This is defensively nowhere near the team that barely lost to Texas and beat Arizona 33-0 to end last season. Is the offense improved? That remains to be seen.

Grambling State at Louisiana Tech.
YPPSYS called it: 43-14 for Louisiana Tech.
RESULT: The Bulldogs won 20-6.
We are 50-5 in calling the winner and 11-15-1 against the spread.
The Bulldogs outgained the Tigers 336 to 260 yards.
Wofford at Ohio.
YPPSYS called it: 27-24 for Ohio.
RESULT: Ohio won 33-10.
We are 51-5 in calling the winner and 11-15-1 against the spread.
The Bobcats outgained the Terriers 331 to 220 yards.

Arkansas State at Auburn (favored by 30.5 points).
YPPSYS called it: 61-14 for Auburn.
RESULT: Auburn won 52-26.
We are 52-5 in calling the winner and 11-16-1 against the spread.
Cameron Netwon proved that the hype was right as he passed for 3 TDs on 9 of 14 completions for 186 yards and ran for 2 TDs on 15 carries for 186 yards. Auburn scored only once in the 4th quarter as reserves mopped. The Tigers gained 608 yards total offense but gave up an impossibly high 366 yards to the outmatched Red Wolves, 323 by air. Pass defense remains a big problem at Auburn and will be their Achilles heel this season.

Army (favored by 9.5 points) at Eastern Michigan.
YPPSYS called it: 24-10 for Army.
RESULT: Army won 31-27.
We are 53-5 in calling the winner and 11-17-1 against the spread.
The Black Knights were lucky to win against a scrappy Eagles team, as Army scored the winning TD with 38 seconds left to play.

Tennessee Tech at Arkansas.
YPPSYS called it: 59-7 for Arkansas.
RESULT: The Razorbacks won 44-3.
We are 54-5 in calling the winner and 11-17-1 against the spread.
Arkansas trailed the Golden Eagles 3-0 after one quarter of play but came back to win behind QB Ryan Mallet who completed 21 of 24 passes for 301 yards and 3 TDs with 1 interception. Arkansas will give teams with poor pass defense (like Auburn) fits in the SEC.

Sam Houston State at Baylor.
YPPSYS called it: 61-7 for Baylor.
RESULT: The Bears won 34-3.
We are 55-5 in calling the winner and 11-17-1 against the spread.
Baylor put up good offense, outgaining the Bearkats 463 to 195 yards, but had trouble scoring.

Elon at Duke.
YPPSYS called it: 24-7 for Duke.
RESULT: The Blue Devils won 41-27.
We are 56-5 in calling the winner and 11-17-1 against the spread.
Duke gave up 406 total yards to the FCS Phoenix, a sign of a weak defense.

Stony Brook at South Florida.
YPPSYS called it:  2-7 for South Florida.
RESULT: The Bulls won 59-14.
We are 57-5 in calling the winner and 11-17-1 against the spread.
Skip Holtz, who came from East Carolina to replace Jim Leavitt as Bulls head coach, began at South Florida with a good win.

North Dakota State at Kansas.
YPPSYS called it: 56-7 for Kansas.
RESULT: North Dakota State won 6-3.
We are 57-6 in calling the winner and 11-17-1 against the spread.
This was not the way Turner Gill's tenure as head coach at Kansas was supposed to begin as the FCS Bison defense crushed the Jayhawks in a game with no touchdowns scored and an ineffectual Kansas offense in the red zone.

Washington State at Oklahoma State (favored by 16.5 points).
YPPSYS called it:  51-14 for the Cowboys.
RESULT: Oklahoma State won 65-17.
We are 58-6 in calling the winner and 12-17-1 against the spread.
Is this the year that the allegedly rebuilding Cowboys unexpectedly vanquish the up-to-now disappointing Sooners? The Cowboys blew away the hapless Cougars behind 22 of 30 pass completions by Brandon Weeden for 218 yards and 3 TDS and 257 yards rushing on 21 carries by Kendall Hunter.

Northwestern (favored by 5 points) at Vanderbilt.
YPPSYS called it: 31-24 for Northwestern.
RESULT: Northwestern won 23-21.
We are 59-6 in calling the winner and 12-18-1 against the spread.
The Wildcats escaped with a win against a Vandy team that outgained them 432 to 365 yards in a game between evenly matched teams.

Oregon State at TCU (favored by 12.5 points).
YPPSYS called it: 21-10 for TCU.
RESULT: TCU won 30-21.
We are 60-6 in calling the winner and 13-18-1 against the spread.
The Horned Frogs outgained the Beavers 453 to 255 yards.

LSU at North Carolina (favored by 1 point).
YPPSYS called it: 27-26 for LSU.
RESULT: LSU won 30-24.
We are 61-6 in calling the winner and 14-18-1 against the spread.
The Tigers surged to a 30-10 halftime lead and held on to win 30-24 against a short-handed Tar Heels team which nevertheless outgained them 436 to 313 yards.

Texas State at Houston.
YPPSYS called it: 51-24 for Houston.
RESULT: Houston won 68-28.
We are 62-6 in calling the winner and 14-18-1 against the spread.
The Cougars led 54-7 at the half.

Nicholls State at San Diego State.
YPPSYS called it: 49-14 for the Aztecs.
RESULT: The Aztecs won 47-0.
We are 63-6 in calling the winner and 14-18-1 against the spread.
The Aztecs outgained the Colonels 531 to 171 yards as Brady Hoke's team indicates it will be much stronger this year.

Southern Utah at Wyoming.
YPPSYS called it: 38-7 for Wyoming.
RESULT: The Cowboys won 28-20.
We are 64-6 in calling the winner and 14-18-1 against the spread.
The Cowboys escaped with a win against the Thunderbirds, who outgained them 384 to 355 yards, while the Cowboy quarterback, Austyn Carta-Samuels put up 319 yards passing on 26 of 32 completions for 3 TDs and 1 interception.

Arkansas Pine Bluff at UTEP.
YPPSYS called it: 41-6 for UTEP.
RESULT: UTEP won 31-10.
We are 65-6 in calling the winner and 14-18-1 against the spread.
The Miners outgained the Golden Lions 463 to 276 yards.

Cincinnati at Fresno State (favored by 2).
YPPSYS called it: 31-30 for Cincinnati.
RESULT: Fresno State won 28-14.
We are 65-7 in calling the winner and 14-19-1 against the spread.
After a 14-14 tie at the half, the offense of the Bearcats fizzled.

Portland State at Arizona State.
YPPSYS called it: 41-6 for the Sun Devils.
RESULT: The Sun Devils won 54-9.
We are 66-7 in calling the winner and 14-19-1 against the spread.
Arizona State outgained the Vikings 553 to 263 yards.

Wisconsin (favored by 20.5 points) at UNLV.
YPPSYS called it: 31-14 for Wisconsin.
RESULT: Wisconsin won 41-21.
This season thus far we are 67-7 in calling the winner and 15-19-1 against the spread.
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NCAA College Football Legal News: On Appeal, NCAA Gets it Right on Masoli

Chris Low at the ESPN College Football Nation Blog writes correctly that NCAA gets it right with Jeremiah Masoli as an appeals committee overturned the initial NCAA decision that Masoli would not be allowed to play college football this season. Low writes accurately as far as the application of NCAA rules are concerned that:
"Being kicked out of school and being kicked off the team are two different things."
That's right.

We posted about this whole thing previously at LawPundit in NCAA Gets it Totally Wrong Again: QB Masoli Denied Waiver to Play for Ole Miss in 2010.

P.S. Masoli just played in the historic Ole Miss loss to Jacksonville State 49-48 in two overtimes and completed 6 of 9 passes for 93 yards.
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Patent-Eligible Subject Matter: Bilski Casts its Shadow: USPTO Issues Interim §101 Examination Guidelines

The Supreme Court decision in Bilski casts its shadow at the USPTO.

Eric M. Shelton of McDermott Will & Emery informs us via Lexology
that the USPTO updates § 101 examination guidelines.

See the original .pdf document here.

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