Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Russian President has a Translatable Blog in Russian at Blog Dmitry Medvedev: Just Use Google's Automatic Translator or a Similar Service in Your Language

Do you have an opinion on the world?

Stay informed on a global basis and do not read only what your favorite pundits write, which may or may not be useful or important.

Secondary sources are not enough.

It is also advisable to check a variety of original sources.

For example, the Russian President has a twitter account in English at KremlinRussia_E and a translatable blog in Russian at the Live Journal blog platform.

Blog Dmitry Medvedev
Just use Google's automatic translator or a similar online service to get a usable overview of the blog postings in your language.

What strikes us about Medvedev's blog is the degree to which it shows in various ways that technological advance marks modern Russia.

There are many interesting things to discover here, even if you do not read the Russian language, also from a translation of the headlines, e.g. the video about:

In general, support [for] the idea of a specialized court for intellectual property rights
July 26, 2010, 18:00
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Online News Licenses: Google Renews AP News Content Licensing Agreement

As written at Reuters by Juan Carlos Perez of IDG News Service\Miami Bureau in Google renews licensing deal with AP for news content:
"After months of negotiations, Google has renewed the content licensing deal that allows it to publish full-text news articles from the Associated Press on Google sites such as Google News."
Read the whole article here.
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NCAA Gets it Totally Wrong Again: QB Masoli Denied Waiver to Play for Ole Miss in 2010

One thing you have to admit about the NCAA.
They could care less about the student player athletes, fans or teams,
rather, it is all about THEIR power.

Colleges need to boot the NCAA out as the organization responsible for college athletics and start a new organization dedicated by express charter priority to the young student athletes who play the game of football and/or other sports in college. Currently, their position at the NCAA is worse than freely marketable slaves, who at least were freely marketable. Now, student athletes are totally at the mercy of the NCAA.

Why should Masoli be denied playing football this year?? That is not in HIS interest, only in the interest of the NCAA and their stupid, a priori rules -- rule by fiat.

See QB Masoli Denied Waiver to Play for Ole Miss in 2010
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Empty Judicial Seats in Federal Courts: Overzealous Partisan Politics Block Judicial Appointments Unnecessarily

In Judiciary: Legal logjam leaving judges' seats empty in federal courts at the Los Angeles Times, Carol J. Williams reports that:
"Almost one in eight federal judgeships is vacant in the country and legal scholars warn that the increasingly politicized confirmation process threatens the administration of justice across the nation....
Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy ... took note of the confirmation conflicts without assigning guilt to either political faction.
"It's important for the public to understand that the excellence of the federal judiciary is at risk," Kennedy said. "If judicial excellence is cast upon a sea of congressional indifference, the rule of law is imperiled."
Well, Justice Kennedy, "indifference" to judicial excellence is hardly the right word.

Quite the contrary, it is overzealous political Congressional meddling in the nomination process that is the problem. Of all the branches of government, Congress is the biggest problem in the USA today, because voters are increasingly electing unqualified populistic candidates to Congress, many of whom, possessed of limited knowledge and insufficient eduction about law and government, have no business being there.

Indeed, most members of Congress, because of their comparatively modest personal records and backgrounds (i.e. as compared to judicial nominees), would themselves not stand a chance at all as federal court nominees, and yet they can block qualified nominations to federal courts for openly selfish political reasons.
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Nebraska Football: Lee Corso Puts Nebraska In 2010 National Championship Game

Did you see our YPPSYS rankings putting the Huskers at Nr. 1?

We are not alone.

See Bleacher Report and Nebraska Football: Lee Corso Puts Nebraska In 2010 National Title Game
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