Saturday, October 31, 2009

Google Wave Blog at Waverful : The Wonderful (Waverful) World of Google Wave

We think that Google Wave will be such a blockbuster application down the road that we have created a special blog, WAVERFUL, for the Wonderful World of Google Wave.

The main problem right now, based upon what we have seen elsewhere - we do not have our own personal copy of Google Wave yet (you can send us an invite, thank you) - is the problem of permissions.

Obviously, for "serious" Google Wave uses, each Google Wave originator, or someone else authorized by that originator, will have to be in charge of granting permissions to access a Google Wave designed for a given public. You can not just send things out into the public domain - there are simply too many self-serving and nutty things that people are otherwise tempted to do - and, judging by experience - do do, if there is not some kind of authorizing moderator inbetween.

Modern institutions all work with hierarchies, indeed, multiple hierarchies - just look at your own work place - and there is a reason for this, because experience shows that it just does not work any other way, given the vagaries of human nature.
Google Wave will be no different.

Google Wave in Law: What Does Google Wave Mean For Lawyers?

Jay Fleischman on What Does Google Wave Mean For Lawyers?

The Scales of Justice, Blogging and Cable News Networks : The Origins of Lady Liberty

The newest cable news stats show (hat tip to MEDIAite):

Polar Opposites: Fox News Seeing Best Ratings, CNN and MSNBC Worst.

This is not surprising to us, at least in the case of Fox News and CNN.

Fox News has long been known to be on the conservative side of things and now reflects the right-wing backlash against U.S. President Barack Obama while CNN has progressively drifted far too far to left, or as one viewer at Michelle Malkin writes: "No wonder CNN only has three viewers. They don’t "report" for all Americans, only left-wing Americans, forgetting that half this country is on the right, almost a 50/50 split." Picking up the slack at CNN is at least HLN, Headline News, formerly CNN2, whose ratings are strongly increasing.

Where, dear friends, do we find "fair and balanced" reporting?

Blogs - equally biased, of course - developed as balancing agents to the partisanship of the major cable news networks. But to be fair, it is not all bad, of course, and almost all original reporting is still done by the major news networks and newspapers, so we bloggers can probably more truthfully say that we are the powers at the fulcrum of the balance, i.e. at the pivotal point of the scales of justice, as it were.

At the Bay Weekly, J. Alex Knoll in Sky Watch, wrote about The Heavenly Scales: From a weigher of souls to the stalwart of liberty:
"Libra ... the celestial scales [where the] second-magnitude, bluish-white star Zubenelgenubi [is located at] the fulcrum of the scales.... ... nearly 4,000 years ago, the sun passed through Libra during autumnal equinox, when day and night are equal, and so, the Babylonians worshiped this constellation as the Ereshkigal, the goddess of the dead who weighed the souls of men. The Egyptian god Anubis, too, held the scales weighing life and death. The ancient Greeks, however, considered Libra but a part of Scorpius, its stars representing a lamp or lantern and later the lighthouse of Alexandria, held between the scorpion’s outstretched claws. But the Romans wrested the scales from the scorpion, giving them to Astraea, the goddess of justice. She wore a crown of grain, another symbol tied to the scales of early commerce, and she represents purity and innocence. Astraea was the last of the gods to leave earth during the Golden Age. She became Virgo, to the west of Libra, leaving her scales behind as a final gift to mankind. Today, we Americans know her as Lady Liberty."

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