Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twitter Addresses of Legal Blogs (Blawgs) as Referenced on the LawPundit Law Blogroll

Having initially compiled these legal Twitter tweet feeds for our own use, we are happy to provide our readers with the Twitter links (that we could find) for blawgs and legally-related blogs on our LawPundit law blogroll. We follow numerous of these Twitter tweet feeds ourselves at @Law_Pundit (note the underline necessitated by our inability thus far to obtain the @LawPundit address at Twitter which is currently squatted by an imposter). Our current Twitter address is: @Law_Pundit (full address at

The Twitter blawg addresses we have located for law bloggers on our LawPundit law blogroll:

The Blog of the White House - @Whitehouse
ABAJournal - @ABA Journal Web producer - @BlogWhisperer
ABA President's Blog - @tommywellsaba
Above the Law - @atlblog
AbsTracked - @abstracked
ACLU Blog of Rights - @aclu
A Connecticut Law Blog - @ryanmckeen
ACSBlog - @acslaw
Advocate's Studio - @advocatesstudio
Al Nye the Lawyer Guy - @AlanNye
Althouse - @annalthouse
Anticipate This! - @jacobward
Anything Under the Sun Made by Man - @russ_krajec
Bag and Baggage - @dhowell
Balkinization - @jackbalkin
Bank Law Blog (.uk) - @banklawblogger
Bibliotheksrecht (.de) - @BibliothekRecht
Binary Law (.uk) - @nickholmes
BlawgIT - @BrettTrout
Blawgletter - @blawgletter
Blawg Review - @blawgreview
Blog@IP::JUR - @axelhorns
Build a Solo Practice - @SCartierLiebel
Business Golf Blog - @suzannewoo
Canadian Trademark Blog - @CanadianTMBlog
Cearta (.ie) - @cearta
Charon QC (.uk) - @charonqc
China Law Blog - @danharris
Class 46 (EU trade mark news) - @class46
Conglomerate - @GlomPosts
Copyright Trademark & Entertainment Blog - @tamerabennett
Counterfeit Chic (Copying) - @CounterfeitChic
Current Awareness (.uk) - @inner_temple
Daily Kos - @markos
Deal Attorney (M&A) - @acerminaro
Deal Book - @nytimesdealbook
Deliberations - @annereed
Dennis Kennedy Blog - @dkennedyblog - @mfroomkin
Doc Searls Weblog - @dsearls
Dorf on Law - @dorfonlaw
Drug and Device Law Blog - @ddlw
E-Commerce Law - @JonathanFrieden
Election Law - @rickhasen
Embassy Law Blog - @embassylaw
Ernie the Attorney - @ernieattorney
Faculty Blog Chicago - @UChicagoLaw
Feminist Law Professors - @FeministLawPrfs
For the Defense (DRI) - @forthedefense
Freedom to Differ (.au) - @peterblackQT
German Trademark Law in a Nutshell - @germantrademark
Groklaw - @Groklaw
Guiding Rights Blog - @mvbpartridge
Handakte (.de) - @handakte
Head of Legal (.uk) - @carlgardner
Health Blawg - @healthblawg
Hollywood Entertainment & Media Law - @THREsq
Houston's Clear Thinkers -@bigtkirk
Immateriblog (.de) - @spielkamp
Infamy or Praise - @colinsamuels
Informationoverlord (.uk) - @iOverlord
InstaPundit - @instapundit
International Economic Law & Policy - @worldtradelaw
International Trade Law News - @tradelawnews
Internet Cases - @internetcases
IP Dragon 知識產權龍 - @ipdragon
iPhone J.D. - @jeffrichardson
IPKat - @IPkat
IP Think Tank - @IPThinkTank
IPwars (.au) - @wrothnie
IT Law in Ireland - @TJMcIntyre
Lawdable - @BarryWilms, @dmac1957
Law Firm Web Strategy - @stevematthews
LawLibTech - @cchick
Law Practice Tips Blog - @jimcalloway
LawPundit - @Law_Pundit (@Law_Pundit)
Legal Blog Watch - @LegalBlogWatch
Legal History Blog - @legalhistory
Legal Jobs & Recruitment (.uk) - @TenPercentLegal
Legal Pad (a Cal Law Blog) -@LegalPadblog
Legal Talk Network - @legaltalk
Legal Theory Blog - @lsolum
Legal Tweets - @nikiblack
Legal Underground - @eschaeff
Lessig Blog - @LESSIG
Lex Ferenda (.ie) - @macsithigh
LibraryLawBlog - @librarylaw
Lightbulb (Dilanchian IP Blog) (.au) - @noricd
MassLawBlog - @gesmer
Opinio Juris - @opiniojuris
Overseas Property Investment Blog - @nubricks
Paper Chase - @JuristNews
Patent Baristas - @patentbaristas
Patent Docs - @PatentDocs
Patentability Blog - @BrianNFletcher
Patently-O - @PatentlyO
Patterico's Pontifications - @Patterico
Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog - @PZura
Phosita - @Phosita
PLI Patent Blog - @PractLawInst
Precedent (Law & Style) - @shortcellar
Privacy & Security Law - @DWTLaw
SCOTUSblog - @scotusblog
Securing Innovation - @ipdotcom
Singularity Law - @JoshKagan
Slaw (.ca) - @slaw_dot_ca
Southern Appeal - @SouthernAppeal
Strategic Legal Technology - @ronfriedmann
Sui Generis - @nikiblack
TalkLeft - @talkleft
taxgirl - - @taxgirl
Techdirt - @techdirt
TechnoLlama (.uk) - @technollama
Technology & Marketing - @ericgoldman
The Common Scold - @CommonScold
The Invent Blog - @nipper
The Lawyer Coach Blog - @TheLawyerCoach
the [non]billable hour - @matthomann
Trademark Blog - @mschwimmer
TTABlog (Trademarks) - @TTABlog
Useful Arts - @usefularts
WisBlawg - @shucha
Wise Law Blawg (.ca) - @wiselaw Law Blog - @WSJLawBlog
Zeugma - @paulmaharg

Video of the Ceremony Opening the New Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

We posted previously about the historic opening of the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the ceremony of which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, UK Supreme Court President Lord Nicholas Phillips, three U.S. Supreme Court Justices (Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justices Scalia and Breyer) and Supreme Court Justices from around the world. Below is a C-SPAN video from YouTube showing this significant event:

European Union : EU Jurisdiction : Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters : Council Regulation (EC) No 44/2001

The European Union COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 44/2001 of 22 December 2000 is one of the most important documents of the EU, covering jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

The EU Law Blog in the posting Cases of the Court of Justice on Regulation 44/2001: Council Document informs us that:
"The Council has prepared a handy compilation of the case-law of the Court of Justice interpreting Regulation 44/2001 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters."
Read the whole thing here.

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