Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bruce MacEwen aka known as "Adam Smith, Esq." Challenges - at the ABA Journal's Legal Rebels - the Necessity of State Bars and their Jurisdiction

At the ABA Journal's Legal Rebels - Remaking the Profession, Bruce MacEwen, who blogs at Adam Smith, Esq. , writes that "It's Time to Abolish the Role of the State Bar", pointing out that the entire system of state bars is "medieval", writing:
"Where are you admitted? Why on earth should that matter?

Why, for that matter, should it even be a question with an answer? Shouldn’t we be admitted to practice “in the United States?” (“In the EU?”) Do our clients care? Only, I would suggest, to the extent that they want the freedom to call on the best of us in New York, California, D.C., London, Hong Kong, and wherever else it might come in handy for them.

Take this a step farther: Why should law firms be subject to the jurisdiction of the state bar wherever they happen to have an office? If Amazon can choose to be headquartered in Seattle, but can also choose to be incorporated in Delaware, and does business—remind me, where again does Amazon “do business”?—why shouldn’t law firms enjoy the same benefits?"
Read the rest here.

Niki Black (Sui Generis Nicole Lynn Black) Has Legal Tweets - Really.

Niki Black (Sui Generis Nicole Lynn Black) Has Legal Tweets - Really.

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