Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter and Trademark Infringement : LawPundit Trademark Stolen at Twitter : LawPundit Responds by Registering Name EvanEvWilliams : Tit for Tat

We posted previously at LawPundit about the fact that the trademarked lawpundit name has been stolen at Twitter and that the management there is not responding to our complaints to have that name turned over to us - and this is part of established Twitter policy.

Blogger Erik J. Heels has written that of the top 100 global brands, 93% have had their Twitter usernames taken by somebody else (i.e. Twittersquatted).

Twitter is a company which is thus making a name for itself in part by profiting from the aiding and abetting of virtual criminal identity theft.

Greatly at fault for this practice at Twitter are legislators and judges, whose incompetent lawmaking and decisions in the intellectual property field have led to intolerable naming situations such as exist at Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet, where trademarked names are infringed with impunity.

It is unfortunately so on our planet that people are oblivious to reason or logic until they themselves are personally affected and so we have today successfully registered the name EvanEvWilliams at Twitter, being unable to properly register LawPundit there, since our trademarked lawpundit name has been stolen by an anonymous Twitter user who hides his postings from public scrutiny, a fact from which evil intent can be imputed.

Tit for tat.

There is of course no intent on our part to confuse or mislead anyone here since we are not anonymous and are from the very beginning accurately and honestly informing the world that EvanEvWilliams is the LawPundit Twitter name.

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