Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where to Invest One Million Dollars? Technology Company Executives Reveal Their Favorites : How about Cheap Kindles?

At the Reuters blog MediaFile, Tiffany Wu has a May 22, 2009 posting titled Tech execs, where would you put a million dollars?

Selected tech execs were asked at the Reuters Technology Summit: "If we gave you $1 million to invest anywhere — but not in your own company — where would you spend it?"

The tech exec answers given provide some nice insights into today's technology as well as the state of the world economy.

Take a look at the tech exec answers at this link.

Our own favorite answer, by the way, comes from Eli Harari, perhaps because we can - rightly or wrongly - also envision people and school children all over the globe using "cheap Kindles" down the road:

  • I like very much these electronic readers. We actually started that several years back, we were ahead of the time, and we found that publishers, textbook publishers, were not very receptive. The area of flexible paper and digital paper and publishing. We’re not there yet. But (Amazon’s) Kindle is stepping in the right direction. There is a lot of innovation in that space. But it’s got to be like a $49.95 product, not a $300 or $400. It’s got to be for the masses. It’s got to bring educational qualities to kids in the Amazon, 1,000 miles away from civilization.
– SanDisk Chief Executive Eli Harari"

Caveat emptor. No one really knows what the future will bring. But tell me one thing - who makes the batteries that make these things run?

LawPundit Posting on the Economy of Norway Mentioned in the New York Times World Topics : Headlines Around the Web

The New York Times apparently liked our previous posting about the NY Times article by Landon Thomas Jr. on Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson, yesterday, May 23, including a mention of LawPundit and a link to our commentary on Thomas's article which we titled Do it Like the Norwegians : Prudence, Stability and Sovereign Wealth Fund Legislation in Thriving Norway are an Example for the Rest of the World (we have appended the two red circles and the blue double-headed arrow to this partial scan and miniaturization of the respective New York Times World Topics page):

LawPundit at the New York Times

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