Monday, February 16, 2009

Yana Fedoruk on the Accordion : A New Talent in a Pleasing Performance

We had the pleasure of seeing and hearing the new accordian talent Yana Fedoruk live on the accordion yesterday at the Parkschlösschen in Traben-Trarbach at one of its cultural evenings. She was accompanied by teacher, composer, arranger and concert accordionist Vladimir Popolzin who introduced the program, which Fedoruk played from memory of course: Blue Moon - Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart, Love Smiles - Pietro Frosini, Loneliness (from the Suite: "Mental Express") - Franck Angelis, Deep Purple - Art Van Damme, Asturias - Isaac Albéniz, Troika and Boogie - Yuri Peshkov, La valse a Margaux and Fou Rire - Richard Galliano, Escualo and Indiana - Astor Piazzolla, La Cumparsita - Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, Take 10 - Frank Marocco, and Moldavian Sketches - B. Wechsler.

Yana Fedoruk is pictured at the left in the photograph below together with Martha Walker of Parkschloesschen Public Relations and Vladimir Popolzin.

As written at the Parkschlösschen Program for this event, "Yana Fedoruk (24) finished her studies in June 2008 at the University of Arts and Culture in Saint Petersburg. She is originally from Kaliningrad and has been playing the accordion since she was seven years old. Between 1999 and 2003 she studied at the College of Music in Kaliningrad. In these years she won many awards in different competitions. From 2003 until 2008 she studied music at the University of Arts and Culture in Saint Petersburg. At this time, she won awards again at Castel Fidardo/Italy, in Moscow, Kiev and Saint Petersburg. This is her second performance in Germany as a soloist."

We located some YouTube videos of Yana Fedoruk on the accordion online, but they are alas amateur recordings at locations with fairly echo-marked acoustics, which do not give the music full justice at all. Nevertheless, one can get some idea of this new accordion talent from these performances:

Yana Fedoruk plays Brel-Bach composed by Franck Angelis
see also here

Yana Fedoruk plays Spain composed by Chick Сorea, arr. V. Popolzin

Yana Fedoruk plays Moldavian sketches

In the Mood composed by Andy Razaf and Joe Garland, arr. V. Popolzin

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Vladimir Popolzin (St. Petersburg) - artist, accordionist, composer, and teacher who has made more than 500 concert appearances in Germany. One of his albums is "The long way".

Vladimir Popolzin MySpace

Vladimir Popolzin YouTube

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