Sunday, February 15, 2009

Archaeology and Evidence : The Norse Pharaohs : Astronomical Decipherments Relating to Tanum Hierakonpolis Nazca Sahara Mesopotamia Middle East

The Norse Pharaohs is a book that I wrote ten years ago as part of my series of publications on Origins: Studies in the History of Mankind and its Languages. There was also an accompanying CD-ROM.

In The Norse Pharaohs I present decipherments for various megalithic, rock art and other ancient locations where there is generally evidence of the influx or influence of ancient seafarers: Tanum (Sweden, rock drawings), Hierakonpolis (Naqada, Nekhen, Egypt, a wall painting), Nazca (Peru, the Nazca lines and figures), Sahara (Africa, rock art), Mesopotamia (the Ship of Sargon) and the Middle East (Hebrew seal of Onijahu).

The book series Origins, as cited above, was subscribed to by the Harvard University Library and they should have all issues in their library system somewhere, although their recordation of the series in their library catalogues is obscure, since they do not record the titles of the individual volumes but only the series itself. I have uploaded the book manuscript of The Norse Pharaohs, which was Volume IX of the series, written in 1999, to Scribd.

It is embedded here for viewing, although the best viewing mode is full page - click the rectangle in the Scribd corner. Under iPaper select view mode and then you may have to click the rectange or a large X again in the Scribd right corner to get a full page whose size you can adjust to as much as full screen. I do not know why they make this so unnecessarily complicated, rather than just showing the full page view to begin with. You can change the size of pages using + or minus on your keyboard (at least this works in Firefox).
The Norse Pharaohs reformatted for Scribd

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