Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scribd Embed of Phaistos Disc: An Ancient Enigma Solved : Two corroborative Old Elamite scripts deciphered using Phaistos Disc Greek Syllabic Values

This posting is self-explanatory and is part of a series of postings that will appear periodically on LawPundit relating to critical questions of evidence in fields of academic research other than law. Historical questions are too important to be left solely in the decision-making ambit of scholars who have no training in evidence and whose treatment of available facts can be quite serendipity.


Lingospot In-Text Content Discovery and Clipmarks ClipCast Widget added to LawPundit : New Cutting Edge Technologies for Blogs and Websites

You want to post clips to your blog immediately? You want to alert the world to what you have written, published or created - writing, art, photography, video, etc.? Permanently? In a portable anywhere-embeddable ClipCast widget? We explain the technology here.

We have just added Lingospot In-Text Content Discovery and a unique Clipmarks Content ClipCast Widget to LawPundit, two new cutting edge technologies for publishers of blogs and websites, but also of great use for anyone involved in publishing materials of any kind.

Clipmarks - How to Clip

Clipmarks is very simple to use, as this YouTube video shows:

As written at Mashable, Clipmarks was purchased by Forbes in 2007 and it has - in our opinion - become an interesting application due to the fact that clips can be integrated into a Clipmarks ClipCast widget.

Such a ClipCast is a nearly optimal way to publish abstracts of any kind of information online, since the widget contains links to the original from which the clipped materials have been taken, and has numerous additional features as well, including portability.

We have integrated a Clipmarks ClipCast widget at the top right hand column of Lawpundit. Try everything out in that widget - it is really outstanding. Particularly the ability to integrate with services such as Scribd is useful and the ClipCast widget can be embedded anywhere using the embed code which one obtains by clicking the "Tools" feature on any ClipCast. Each Clipmarks user also has a personal page at Clipmarks. Take a look at my page there.

Where Clipmarks are still weak is in the company's inability to see what ClipCasts are good for. At their main online page they merely have a list of a few clips that people have made, and that list is practically useless because it contains serendipity materials of no interest to persons such as myself. I am totally uninterested in such lists . . . but I am interested in the ability to search Clipmarks to find ClipCasts on subjects of my choosing, especially ClipCasts that include abstracts of and links to more detailed articles.

THAT appears to me to be one special genius of the ClipCasts of Clipmarks, although I have no doubt that I shall use Clipmarks more in the future just to collect information for my own use.

Lingospot offers Lingolinks

We found Clipmarks through Lingospot. Lingospot is a new cutting edge hyperlinking technology that offers an in-text "lingolink" content discovery service as a special feature for website and blog readers. Although it is not yet perfected in terms of its scope, Lingospot is definitely reaching toward an ultimate technological means to have the rest of the world's information at one's fingertips when perusing a writing of any kind online.

Lingolinks, unlike hyperlinks, are automatically updated by search technology, thus providing (in theory) up-to-date dynamic interlinks to content (not yet always the case with Lingospot).

The blog website publisher can select the color of lingolinks, and we have made them orange in our pages, so that they can be distinguished from our normal light blue hyperlinks. Although there are no more than 10 of these automatically generated lingolinks per page - the reader's use of this truly useful feature is in fact unlimited, as follows:

The reader can press down the ALT key and then mark ANY word or phrase in the text, and this will activate the Discovery Bubble for that word or phrase.

In other words, in the context of one's reading, the reader can immediately check for additional materials for any selected keyword or phrase - in our case at LawPundit, either at 1) for other LawPundit postings (Site search), 2) for mentions in blawgs or other news, via a law feed created by us (Law), 3) in Clipmarks , 4) in Wikipedia Abstracts (Wikpedia) or, 5) in books (Books). This is a potentially very useful feature, once the sources are comprehensive.

We also could have selected e.g. YouTube as a tab topic, but we already have a powerful YouTube widget in the right column of LawPundit.

In terms of appearance, we had the choice to pick underlined keywords or the small icon next to those keywords as the operative "on-mouse over" activator and we picked the icon. That way "Discovery Bubbles" only pop-up when the reader wants them to, and are thus not a disturbance. It can of course happen inadvertently that the mouse runs across an icon by chance, but this will not happen often.

Five Lingospot lingolink information sources are offered at the bottom of the Discovery Bubble (the pop-up bubble) for any selected keyword or phrase. We selected 5 from about a dozen such sources that Lingspot now offers:

1. Site search of our site, LawPundit for the keyword or phrase
2. Law search (this is a customized search feed which searches ca. 250 RSS blawg and news feeds selected by LawPundit, including most of our law blog blogroll)
3. Clipmarks (these should prove useful as more and more users make serious Clipcasts)
4. Wikipedia Abstract of the keyword or phrase (not the full Wikipedia)
5. Book search

Pick a lingolink in a recent posting at LawPundit and try out all five, especially since Site Search may sometimes give no result. One should then try the other four sources in the Discovery Bubble. These are tabbed at the bottom of the bubble.

The reader can also configure his desired interactivity with Lingospot lingolinks.

Please click the question mark at the top right corner of any Lingospot bubble. This takes you to the Lingospot configuration page, where you can customize Lingospot behavior or turn Lingospot off entirely, if you so wish.

Lingolinks DO NOT affect or change any normal links on our pages. Rather, Lingospot crawls LawPundit pages and selects selected keywords it finds appropriate through its content algorithms.

We at LawPundit nevertheless retain full control over the number of Lingospot keywords on any web page and we can also select preferred keywords or de-select words or phrases that we do not want used as keywords. Accordingly, in the initial phases of our use - until we get some experience in using this feature - we may not yet have the optimal mix of Discovery Bubble sources or keywords, but we will be working on it.

Take a look at the Lingospot FAQ if you have questions about this service.

See also Mashable.

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