Friday, February 13, 2009

The Queen of England has a New Website as the British Monarchy rolls out its Newest Face to the World

It is high time that the media stop posting its sensationalistic doom and gloom, which only serves to depress private and public sectors, thus making the recession much worse than it would otherwise be. If people just went on living normally things would be much better.

What is in order is a bit of pomp and circumstance to lift the spirits. Look on the bright side of life.

The British Monarchy has a new online look.

You can find a comparison of the new website to the old website at Shane Richmond's article at the Telegraph: God save the Queen's website.

The LawPundit thinks the new website is on the right track. It is quite a bit more modern than the old one, even if still needs some tweaks here and there, but what does not.

We would say, well done!

The British and the Royal Family are not going to be outdone by new U.S. President Barack Obama, whose net-savvy website designers are setting new online standards for the high and the mighty and the rich and beautiful.

Indeed, I am having to tweak my own pages - just to stay that proverbial step or two ahead of developments. Cheers!

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