Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hiring a Good Coach is Half the Battle: Buffalo Head Football Coach Turner Gill is on the Radar of Auburn and Syracuse

Here is the AP headline at ESPN:

"Buffalo's Gill on wish list for Syracuse, Auburn after unlikely MAC title
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Buffalo coach Turner Gill, fresh off an improbable Mid-American Conference title, is a candidate for coaching vacancies at Syracuse and Auburn."

Here is what we wrote in September 2006 (three football seasons ago) at SportPundit:

"This posting is especially geared to all of our friends in Waterloo and the Finger Lakes District of New York State. Great football is coming your direction. "Husker" football has arrived.

In our opinion, Buffalo University has hit the jackpot with their new football coach.

The University of Buffalo recently hired former Nebraska Cornhusker quarterback and former NU assistant coach Turner Gill as the head coach of the Buffalo Bulls, who went 1-10 in 2005. Gill came to Buffalo directly from the Green Bay Packers. In addition the Bulls will have Brian Mohnsen (University of Nebraska 1991 graduate) as coach of the linebackers."

We understand what makes a great coach.
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Underwater Megaliths at Atlit-Yam Israel Deciphered as Ancient Astronomy

I received an email recently alerting me to the fascinating megalithic underwater site of Atlit-Yam in Israel.

The Israel Antiquities Authority writes:

"The site of Atlit-Yam is situated some 200-400 m offshore, at a depth of 8-12 m and extends over an area of ca. 40000 m2....

Megalithic Installations.... A ritual installation of megaliths was found at the Atlit-Yam site. It consists of seven stones (1-2.1 m long), six of which are still standing upright, forming a circle (diameter ca. 2.5 m) open to the northwest. The bases of the standing stones are covered with gray travertine attesting to the presence of fresh water in the past. Close to the standing stones to the west, a few flat stone slabs (0.7-1.2 m long) were found lying horizontally. On some of them were hewn shallow cup-marks.... It is Another installation consists of three oval stones (1.6-1.8 m), two of which are circumscribed by grooves forming schematic anthropomorphic figures."

I have been able to decipher this megalithic structure as a Planisphere of the Heavens:

Atlit-Yam Megalithic Decipherment Andis Kaulins

The megalithic structure at Atlit-Yam shows the heavens from Scorpio to Canis Minor (it could be Canis Major if Canis Major was seen as being within the Milky Way), specifically including those star groups, as well as Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, Corona Borealis, Bo├Âtes, Virgo, Leo, Gemini, Auriga, Perseus, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Cygnus, Aquila, Ursa Major and Draco. All of the stars represented are WITHIN the elllipse of the Milky Way and the outer wall of the megalithic structure represents that Milky Way.

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