Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama's Victory Speech Analyzed by the Gender Genie

We analyzed Barack Obama's Victory Speech via the Gender Genie and came up with the following result:

Words: 2082
Female Score: 3038
Male Score: 3307

That is a good balance for a President.

The New World Under US President-Elect Barack Obama May Be a World of Change, but Lawyers and the Rule of Law still - and inescapably - Run that World

One of the reasons that the LawPundit studied law was because it became clear to him in high school - when a pre-law program was selected as a course of study - that lawyers run the world, so it is no surprise to see that lawyers and Harvard Law School graduates dominate Barack Obama's transition team. Even the implementation of change requires the skilled handling of basic texts and documents.

Indeed, under the leadership of Barack Obama we can hope to see a resurgence of the Rule of Law, for it is the lack of the rule of law around the globe which breeds tyranny. Those who violate the rule of law will ultimately be punished, and will forever be removed from the world scene. That is the historical fate of such persons and movements.

If anything, Obama's election proves by the mightiest of examples that the way of the future is the way of established rules, which can enable massive - and necessary - change, as Obama's election itself evidences, but only as long as people play by those rules. Democracy depends on a strong and enforced rulemaking system.

That is the secret to true progress. Fair play has always has been the driving force behind freedom and democracy. Play the game, but play fair, or you will be taken off the field.

The enemies of the free world are those who refuse to play by the rules. These enemies have no future, now, or in coming years. Obama has stated that these enemies of the USA and of the free world will be defeated - and these are mostly the enemies of the rule of law. Their ultimate demise is inevitable.

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