Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Will Win - II - Law Pundit Predicts an Obama / Biden Presidential Election Victory Due to the Banking and Financial Crisis of the Past Months

On February 12, 2008 we predicted that Barack Obama would win the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States, and he did.

It is political centrists such as ourselves, who often swing back and forth between the candidates, who determine the outcome of these elections, and, although we for a time thought that the McCain / Palin ticket might win for the Republicans, it is now clear, because of the intervening banking and financial crisis of recent months, that Barack Obama with his Vice-Presidential partner Joe Biden will tomorrow garner enough votes to win the U.S. Presidential election popular and electoral vote as the next American President and Vice-President.

Update: Take a look at the CNN Election Tracker and the bottom graph titled "Issue Tracker", where a phone survey just days prior to the election indicated that the ECONOMY was the top issue for 57% (!) of the voters, with "Health Care" and the "War in Iraq" each being ranked as the top issue by only 13% respectively of the likely voters, and with "Terrorism" given as the biggest worry by only 10% of the voters and "Illegal Immigration" by only 5% of the voters. Given that list of voter priorities, the outcome of this election can hardly be in doubt, although the category of "undecided voters" can not be ignored.

Update II: In the final analysis, the "Most Powerful Person in the Free World" will decide this election, as one can see from this editorial cartoon

Nick Anderson
Houston Chronicle
Nov 4, 2008

by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle as published today, Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2008, © 2008, in the Houston Chronicle.

Update III: CNN is now writing that more than 60% of the voters put the ECONOMY as the #1 issue in this election:

"Sixty-two percent of voters said the economy was the most important issue. Iraq was the most important for 10 percent, and terrorism and health care were each the top issue for 9 percent of voters."

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