Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ross Perot Returns Indirectly to the Political Scene with Perot Charts Charting Government Fiscal Irresponsibility

Did you know that in the United States "in the last four years total tax collections have risen at the fastest pace in the past 40 years...." That is one of the surprising statistics presented at the newly created (starting June 15, 2008) website Perot Charts.

Yes, indeed, Ross Perot has returned as a force to be reckoned with for the upcoming Presidential election.

Although Perot does not intend to return personally to the political race for President, there is no question that his new website, Perot Charts, "Charting Government Fiscal Irresponsibility", will have a significant impact on the Presidential race, if not in terms of who gets elected, then most surely in terms of shaping the issues that will be important during the remaining Presidential election campaign period.

Perot Charts writes:

"The American people must wake up and face the reality that promises made in the past will soon bankrupt this nation. These problems are explained in an easy-to-understand chart presentation ...."

Hat tip to David S. Broder at the Washington Post and his June 15, 2008 article, Perot, Back On the Charts.

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