Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dress Right? Precedent Blog & Precedent Magazine (new rules of law and style) : Feature Blawg of the Week at ABA Journal

Now, THAT's Precedent (it may be Canada, but it applies everywhere):

Mark Twain wrote: "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." At least half of that statement is true.

When we think of law and blawging, we think of lawyers, courts, laws, cases and documents, and probably not enough about the image "indicentals" that can make or break a case, a lawyer or even a career. Although someone like Marilyn Monroe could vitalize her rise up the ladder as Hugh Heffner's first naked Playboy Magazine foldout in the first issue of that magazine and thus clearly contradict Mark Twain's observation above, the great American writer's perspicacious observation clearly applies to careers in the law, where dapper dress in the style of the times functions as an accessory to success.

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Of course, each epoch has its own fashion, but it does have it.

In this spirit it is interesting to see that Precedent Blawg : The new rules of law and style is the current Feature Blawg of the Week at ABA Journal. Precedent Blog was launched under the idea that "Law is Cool" but that many blawgs tend to be old, earnest and boring. Melissa Kluger, editor-publisher was quoted at the Precedent Magazine launch in 2007:

"I’ve been a lawyer in Toronto now for four years. Over this time, a lot of law magazines, newspapers and newsletters have crossed my desk. Even though these are publications for lawyers, I never feel like they are really talking to me. They always feel a little old, a little earnest and, well, a little boring."

There is no denying that Precedent Blog and Precedent Magazine have a fresher and more modern approach than your standard blawg, covering important topics of style and all things related.

For example, what does the young law generation wear, and what should it wear?

A good Precedent posting to start at is Graham F. Scott's Kids these days don't know how to dress, say geezers. What's a geezer?

Follow that up with Precedent Blog postings by Fashionista for men and women.

For men, Style & Error : No bowties informs us that suspenders are out, bowties are out (except for "seniors"), sportcoats are out, vests are out, button-down shirts under sweaters are out.

For women at court, see Style & Error: Gussy Up Your Robes.

And now, what about Edible Hours, eating at the firm?
or the right Port?
after hours of course.

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