Friday, June 10, 2005

Quo Vadis EU Constitution ?

We have been pondering what the EU should do in view of the French and Dutch rejection of the EU Constitution.

The most sensible procedure might be to continue to with the ratification process, as Latvia has done in ratifying the Constitution in spite of the bad news from Fance and the Netherlands.

This would give negating countries a second chance to ratify that same Constitution.

We have seen few cogent arguments against the Constitution as such. Most of the backlash has been whipped up by fear-mongers, of which there are always many around, and many a man, understanding little about Constitutional Law, is easy prey for this kind of sentiment.

Those countries that ratify the EU Constitution would thereafter remain in the EU and those that did not ratify the Constitution on their second chance, would be booted out and would be subjected to stiff tariffs for any trade they wanted to do with EU countries. Faced with such prospects, people would then not vote so irresponsibly, and the rest of the nations in the EU could get on with the business of adapting Europe to the 21st century.

It should definitely be strongly considered to remove EU institutions and EU joint business ventures (such as the Airbus, for example) out of any country not ratifying the EU Constitution. You can not be profiting from a political and economic alliance on the one side and yet be destroying it on the other side. The EU simply does not need such two-faced member countries.


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