Saturday, December 04, 2004

MSN Spaces - A New Blogging Environment

MSN Spaces - A New Blogging Environment

We have tried out the new MSN Spaces by establishing the Alpha Pundit blog. Although MSN Spaces has some interesting features (e.g. the revolving photo function), it is not a serious challenger to Blogger or similar blogging environments because of its virtual lack of sensible customization possibilities and its relatively non-intuitive user interface.

It remains a mystery to us that high-powered and well-financed firms still seem unable to introduce blogging products which are intuitively designed, which can be easily customized as the user wants them to be customized, which easily implement the state of the art and which allow the user to blog as he wants to blog.

Elbert Hubbard - Business and Personal Credos to Live By

Elbert Hubbard - Business and Personal Credos to Live By

Here is a quote by Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915) which applies to blogging:

"Every man who speaks out loud and clear is tinting the "Zeitgeist." Every man who expresses what he honestly thinks is true is changing the Spirit of the Times. Thinkers help other people to think, for they formulate what others are thinking. No person writes or thinks alone--thought is in the air, but its expression is necessary to create a tangible Spirit of the Times. - Pig-Pen Pete--The Bee"

One of the lesser known writers of the American past is Elbert Hubbard, whose books I had the pleasure to read via Professor Wilbur Gaffney at the University of Nebraska (a remarkable man in whose name writing awards are still being given and without whom e.g. the present University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman might not be where he is).

In any case, in a period of time where people are looking for good "VALUES" to live by, it is worth taking a look at Hubbard's "Credos".

See also Hubbard's Essay on John Jacob Astor at

Many of Hubbard's "quotations" - taken from over seven million published words - are also full of timeless wisdom: see Elbert Hubbard Quotes

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Smart Judge and Nobel Laureate Team Up on Blog

Smart Judge and Nobel Laureate Team Up on Blog

The marketing strategy for introduction of The Becker-Posner Blog is a good one - drawing people to the site even though no postings are up - so we are optimistic as to the coming content, whenever and whatever that will be. For bios see Gary S. Becker and Richard A. Posner.

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