Wednesday, December 01, 2004

BLOG is the Merriam-Webster Word of the Year 2004

BLOG is the Merriam-Webster Word of the Year 2004

[What will the top word be in 2005? Add your prognostication to our comments and give your reasons, if any, for choosing that word. We link to some of the possible trends for 2005 further below.]

Via Blogger, Greg Frost at Reuters reports in his Nov. 30, 2004 article that

'Blog' Tops U.S. Dictionary's Words of the Year

Frost writes:

"A four-letter term that came to symbolize the difference between old and new media during this year's presidential campaign tops U.S. dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster's list of the 10 words of the year."

That "four-letter word" is BLOG.

A definition of the term Blog plus a list of the top 10 words for 2004 are found at Merriam-Webster.

Read also how the words are selected.

In 2003 the Word of the Year was DEMOCRACY.

What word will win in 2005? We looked at some pages dealing with trends:

Hot Trends for 2005

(authenticity, age 35, multitasking, obesity, the third place, snobization (snobmoddities), uniqueness (outcool), life caching)

Travel and Vacations Trends for 2005

(low-cost airlines, de-hubbing, boutique hotels, style-lifers and style-lifing, grey geese, cultural travel, internet travel, globesity)

Fast Forward 2005 - Fast Company's 101 ideas, people, and trends

Top Food Trends 2005

(organic, probiotic) (membership required)

(freedom, mobility, independence, youniverse, massclusivity)

Global Trends - CSIS - Center for Strategic & International Studies

(environment, social values)

Smart Trends for 2005

(tap the countertrend, eat off the big guys' plate, switch the niche, borrow a business model)

via Business Opportunities Weblog

Design Trends for 2005

(water, femininity, stability, expressionism)

Fashion Trends for 2005

(colours, fabrics, patterns, textures, knits, furs, techniques)

More Fashion Trends for 2005

Prom Fashion Outlook 2005

(year of the stars)

Hair Trends 2005

(nature girl, face off, windy ways)

The 100 Best Trends, 2005

(generation Y, nanotechnology, duppies)

World Christian Trends 2005

Technology Trends 2005 - Gartner Symposium

(connected society, smart objects, semantic connectivity, wireless broadband networks, digital ink, radio frequency ID (RFID) tags, smart dust, smart pills)

More Technology Trends 2005

(enterprise mobility, IP telephony, supply chain management)

see also White Papers

Consumer Trends 2005 (expensive eBook in German)

Meeting Trends 2005

Females and Sexiness 2005

Material Trends 2005

Five Business Trends 2005

Economic and Media Forecast 2005 (by geographic region) including Advertising

via Adverblog

Emerging and Evolving Trends for 2005

Trends in Open Source 2005

OUR PREDICTION: We think that the word VALUES has a good chance to win in 2005.

The Iowa Guide to Scholarly Journals in Mass Communication and Related Fields

The Iowa Guide to Scholarly Journals in Mass Communication and Related Fields

One example of such a journal would be the Journal of Intellectual Property Law.

Mass Communication is a booming field and the The Iowa Guide covers "Scholarly Journals in Mass Communication and Related Fields".

As written by The Iowa Guide, edited by Carolyn Stewart Dyer:

"This 16-year-old publication helps scholars find appropriate journals in which to publish their work and offers advice on how to prepare manuscripts for publication.

The searchable online Directory of Journals catalogs the manuscript requirements and review processes of more than 125 English-language scholarly journals published in the United States and countries spanning the globe. Some of the journals focus on journalism, mass communication or communication as their primary concerns. Others address communication in the context of another discipline, such as law or sociology, or they include communication under an interdisciplinary umbrella such as popular culture or women’s studies."

The Iowa Guide consists of

1. the Guide to Scholarly Publishing - as a .pdf - and also as an .html

2. the Directory of Journals, which can not be downloaded, but which can be accessed by a link list of journals .

Is Europe Culturally Naive?

Is Europe Culturally Naive?

This link just in from a friend writing from Beijing:

William Pfaff,

in an International Herald Tribune article dated November 25, 2004

and entitled

Europe pays the price for cultural naïveté,

discusses the problems which have surfaced recently in Europe based on the false belief of Europeans that a peaceful multicultural society without social discrimination and economic disadvantages to immigrants is possible.

Read the whole article.

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