Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Davids Medienkritik Blog - German Media Under Fire

Davids Medienkritik Blog - German Media Under Fire

Davids Medienkritik, a blog from David Kaspar in English, describes itself as "Politically Incorrect Observations on Reporting in the German Media" ("Politisch unkorrekte Betrachtungen zur Berichterstattung in deutschen Medien").

Andrew Sullivan has called Davids Medienkritik "the best blog on German politics".

Technorati indicates that Davids Medienkritik is linked 127 times by 97 sources.

As the Law Pundit lives in Germany and has done so gladly the last thirty years because of all the wonderful people who live here, he can unfortunately confirm the Medienkritik's observations that media distortion here in Germany about the USA is widespread and the amount of uncritical media patience with their own media-skilled but leadership-weak Chancellor is most remarkable. Medientkritik writes in this context: "And of course, Gerhard Schroeder, the head of an imploding wreck of a government, is rarely if ever under pressure."

This lack of criticism of Schroeder in the media, to be sure, is partially a product of the fact, e.g. that the two major German TV channels are state-run and obtain their funds from mandatory fees payable by anyone in Germany owning a television or radio - whether they view or listen to those government channels or not. Obviously, this media is not going to bite the hand that feeds it. In addition, there is a substantial tendency in Germany to be subservient to the powers that be. It is simply not customary to question the decisions of the higher-ups to the degree that this is found in the USA.

To be fair, let the Law Pundit say that the politically colored tripe which in recent years often passes for actual news on CNN, the BBC or the Guardian is not much better. The one-sided and sensationalistic pandering of these news outlets to the lowest human denominator is often simply hard to stomach.

Thank goodness for the bloggers, where one can still find numerous blogs leading to the actual facts and issues presented in an intelligent manner.

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