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-- Proverbs 29:18, King James Bible (KJV)

Friday, October 09, 2020

The Disorganized WordPress Block Editor is a Disaster Worse than Blogger's New Add-More-Clicks Editor

Not pleased with the new but in our view totally unnecessary and less helpful editor (than the old) being forced upon Blogger writers by Google, we were in the process of thinking of porting LawPundit permanently to WordPress ....

But suddenly -- also at WordPress -- blog writers are now forced to use a new wildly disorganized editor -- their so-called WordPress "Block" Editor, which appears to be a much greater disaster to use than Blogger's new blog editor, where the latter has added to the interface many more mouse clicks needed to achieve the same thing previously achieved with fewer mouse clicks. Why that? To place more ads? Also the WordPress block editor is exceedingly work-intensive and vastly invasive. Not even worth discussing!

What gives in the blogging world? Who is in charge of this nonsense?
We put both editors in the category of "who needs this?" and "who WANTS this?"
And why are blog users not given the option of using their editor of choice?

See 7 Reasons to Not Switch to the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, a somewhat dated posting, but apparently without any effect then or now on the people at WordPress, that tells a tale of one writer's woe.

There must be some way to keep Gutenberg's good name from being besmirched by being added as a product name to the unworthy WordPress blog block editor.

WordPress is now no longer a viable blogging alternative for us, and while we continue to use Blogger's new editor, less than willingly, because we have no choice for now, due to the time involved to port our blogs to a new venue, we are continuing to look around for a sensible blogging alternative. Surely there must be a good blog editor out there designed with the blog writer in mind.

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