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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

History of Russia: The Romanovs100 AR [Augmented Reality] Family Photo Album Shortlisted at D&AD 2019 Design Awards #Romanovs100

We try to read all relevant news, left, center and right, and ran across this interesting historical item today at RT.com, highlighting a remarkable augmented reality photo album of the Romanovs, the last family to occupy the throne of the former Russian monarchy.

RT (formerly Russia Today) writes:

"#Romanovs100 AR [Augmented Reality] Family Photo Album has been shortlisted for one of the world’s most prestigious design awards – D&AD 2019. The book was published following RT’s history project dedicated to Russia’s last reigning royal family.

To celebrate the achievement, the book is now available for free download HERE. Unlock the album’s full potential by downloading a free iOS app that not only goes with the print edition, but also works with the digital version. Download the app HERE.

#Romanovs100 reviewed the last decades of the Russian Empire as seen through the lenses of the Romanov family’s cameras using accounts on four social networks. Each platform showcased its own narrative, format and content. With the album, #Romanovs100 combines the visual language of photography with AR tech to create an interactive history book featuring the humane story and unique photographic legacy of Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II. This extended reality breaks the ‘fourth wall’ of storytelling providing for side-narratives, archive video, 3D visualisations and more.

See below for the appropriate download and other links:

https://www.rt.com/news/459873-romanovs100-dandad-awards-shortlist/ . RT Question More #Romanovs100 AR photo album shortlisted at D&AD 2019 design awards