Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Motoring in America: What is the Future?

The partisan world of politics is often vastly out-of-tune with the realities of their era. Indeed, many of the "political" issues that are bantered about daily in mainstream media are often of marginal importance, while the really important subjects are neglected.

How about the future of the American automobile industry and the future of motoring in America? Now THAT is an important issue.

Ben Popken has the story at NBC News in

Out of Gas: Most Americans Can't Afford New Cars.

In a nation beset by inequality of income and wealth,
who is to buy the cars?
and what does that mean for the future of the U.S. economy?

Sports Law and IP Law: Larry King Now Presents (Maybe, Depending on Your Location) O’Bannon vs. NCAA: The Payment of College Athletes

Sports law, IP law. Much of modern law is like a medieval muddle.

Go to this link if the embedded video does not show: http://on.ora.tv/NxNh5f

Note that the video does not appear to show by either method in Europe and probably elsewhere outside of America, and this is surely because of blockage via the world's antiquated and information-unfriendly copyright laws.

The video has this text appended: "Full episodes in your country coming soon! In the meantime, here are some clips taken from this episode."

It would seem to me that even the most greedy of the copyright gougers out there could at least offer a nominal charge option to be donated to charity so that information is available "for a fee" in other parts of the world other than the USA. This is another egregious example of what actually amounts to content censorship via the vagaries of the IP law.

We are reminded of Melanie's song text that everyone is only putting in a nickel but wanting a dollar song, whereas -- as far as intellectual property is concerned -- the consumer is often paying a dollar and getting only a five-cent song.... while wealth and income inequality in the USA reach new highs. What the point of this kind of video censorship is meant to be, is the question.

A similar status of "law in cobwebs" prevails in the sports world, especially as concerns the exploitation of the IP rights of college athletes.

Nothing could be clearer than this absurd juxtaposition of IP rights -- on one side overly broad IP protection that extends to our TV screens and PC monitors and the other side overly broad IP non-protection that extends to our TV screens and PC monitors.

Our message to the U.S. Supreme Court: "Get your act together."

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