Monday, November 04, 2013

Krugman Wrongly Getting On Germany for its Economic and Financial Policies

At the New York Times, Paul Krugman is wrongly going after Germany again -- as if hard work and economic success were crimes and as if Germany had the responsibility to bail out the wealthy in other EU nations.

See Krugman on German economic policies.

Germany is not at fault for Europe's economic and financial problems. At fault are continued mass inequalities of wealth and income in countries that refuse to get out of old patterns.

Where wealth and income are more fairly balanced, especially in more northern nations, Europe is prospering.

But countries such as Greece or Spain are very much like the USA. A small percentage of citizens have and control all the money. Government deficits and financial crises in those countries are comparable.

Go rather after those in America and in EU perimeter countries who hoard their nation's wealth for their private benefit. That is what NEEDS to be done.

Fixed elitist STRUCTURAL problems, that reach far back in history, are the prevailing economic weakness in Europe.

Krugman most certainly should not be comparing savvy well-informed Germans with hopelessly uninformed American politicians, especially the fanatic, deluded extremists within the U.S. Republican Party.

Rockstar Stokes Patent Wars While Wozniak Speaks for Consumer Interests and More Compatibility

BBC News has the story at Patent wars: Rockstar sues Samsung.

What is Divine Providence, Beyond the Final Score? The "Hail Mary" of November 2, 2013 and Other Things That Matter

"Divine Providence"
is defined
"God's intervention
in the world".

In German, one has the saying
"An Gottes Segen ist alles gelegen",
which is generally translated as
"All things according to God's will." 

The "Hail Mary" of November 2, 2013
in the football game of
Nebraska vs Northwestern
in Lincoln, Nebraska,
accompanied by the tumultuous sound
of the gathering of souls present
"a roar of thunder"
from above,
is visibly
such an event
as might be called
"divine providence",
"the intervention of God's will",

though none can claim to know
what purpose it served
or to whom it was directed,
down the road.

One need only view
the reaction
of the Cornhusker quarterback,
Ron Kellogg III, a 5th year senior walk-on,
who threw the magic touchdown pass to
Husker Jordan Westerkamp,
to see that something miraculous
had indeed happened.

It was "a miracle finish"
in more ways than one.

The wide receiver Westerkamp,
as Mitch Sherman writes at ESPN,
"grew up in the western Chicago suburbs,
about 25 miles from Evanston
and the Northwestern campus"
and was even recruited to play
at Northwestern.

Why Westerkamp?

The football that went into his hands,
went there seemingly drawn by a magnet.

It is his only touchdown catch of the year.

Why Kellogg?
A senior walk-on quarterback
with a background
more of community service to others
than great athletic success on the field.

You could not hatch such a plot
for a work of fiction.
No one would believe it.

It is an event,
surrounded by unique circumstances,
that goes
beyond the final score.

it happened on an eve
where the eyes of the sports world
were focused on the name Pelini,
here and elsewhere,
in both goodness and in sadness.

Why and what does it all mean?

Well, we do not know
what may be happening
in the background.

Even if you are not
a religious sort,
as we are not particularly,
you know
that you are a witness
to something
not only remarkably human,
but something more.

Something rare.
Something, yes,
perhaps even divine.

You know it when you see it
though you know not
what it means.

We recall Hail Flutie,
the "Miracle in Miami",
from November 23, 1984.

It is that same feeling,
each event
in its own circumstances
and in its own era.

Divine providence.

Tom Osborne,
Beyond The Final Score: There's More to Life Than the Game – Family, Mentoring, Leadership, Serving
(the link is to a book review by Andis Kaulins)

Nebraska vs Northwestern 11/2/13 Hail Mary - YouTube

Nebraska vs Northwestern 11/2/13 Hail Mary

Nebraska vs Northwestern 11/2/13 Hail Mary - YouTube

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