Tuesday, October 01, 2013

America Ranks 46th of 48th Countries in Health Efficiency but Ranks 2nd in Health Care Spending: The World's Best Health Care Systems Have Tight GOVERNMENT Controls: How Can People Oppose Obamacare?

See the graph of the The Most Efficient Health Care Systems In The World

where they conclude for the world's most efficient health care systems that:
"The unifying factor seems to be tight government control over a universal system."
The Obamacare opponents and government shutdowners are telling you the opposite, which is totally contrary to the actual facts.

Government control of national health care WORKS extremely well.

The opponents of Affordable Health Care are people who have obviously not done their homework in examining the world's national health care systems.

Guide to Affordable Health Care Act which Opens October 1, 2013 : People Opposing Obamacare May Be Sincere But Often Simply Do Not Know the True Facts About Medical Costs

This is an important day for Americans because October 1, 2013 opens affordable health care for everyone. See the guide at the NY Daily News:

Your guide to Obamacare: Affordable Care Act to open Oct. 1

To its great shame, the United States of America was not the FIRST but rather the LAST industrialized nation in the world to provide its citizens with national health care.

Small wonder then that America lags far behind other nations in the quality of its health care, even though it SPENDS more -- obviously, only for the chosen few. If you doubt that statement, read the links below.

The Affordable Care Act will change that -- for the better.

In fact, we recently talked to someone about a hip replaced in America for a total cost of $110,000 (NOT unusual in the USA) -- whereas comparable hip replacement in Europe costs a fraction of that as the OECD writes

"[i]n 2009, the estimated price of a hip replacement on average across European countries was about EUR 7300, while the price of a knee replacement was EUR 6800"

-- those figures showing the great failings of the pre-existing US health care system -- a system that well-meaning but badly informed government shutdowners are inexcusably trying to maintain,
at the cost of many people's health.

See these postings for the true facts:

Europe Dominates Global Agewatch Wellbeing Index : Income Security : Health Status : Employment and Education : Enabling Environment

See the Global Agewatch Index of income security, health status, employment and education, and enabling environment at First ever Index to measure the wellbeing of older people.

The current federal government shutdown and debt chaos in the USA surely drops America in these world rankings which are nevertheless dominated by European countries, as well they should be.

Why the Extreme Right Will Fail to Create a U.S. National Debt Default and Why the Fanatics Must Lose Their Errant War Against Affordable Health Care

Nothing is worse than the tyranny of the majority,
except the tyranny of the minority.

Henry J. Aaron at the New York Times
in Obama Should Ignore the Debt Ceiling
points out the obvious reasons
that the fanatic extreme right can not be allowed
to create a national debt default
or to sabotage the Affordable Care Act,
a law lawfully passed by Congress,
lawfully signed by the President
and lawfully upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A nation that allows itself to be dominated by any fanatic minority that seeks to repeal legitimate laws by blackmail, rather than by legislative majorities, is not a democracy.

Rather, such a nation is like the oligarchic government systems that the nation's Founders were rebelling against.

Government Shutdown and Debt Default? U.S. Congress Hogtied by Irresponsible People on the Fringes, Abetted by Weak Congressional Leaders

Rebels Without a Clue by Paul Krugman at the New York Times hits the nail on the head:
"No sane political system would run this kind of risk."
Indeed, no sane "business" would run this kind of risk, either.

Ponder for a moment a corporate board of executives that would withhold employee paychecks until that board resolved their internal political differences.

Consider for a moment a corporate head that would justify such an action by saying that 60% of the people in the company were non-essential anyway, so why pay them their salaries.

We presume that an honest GOP supporter would stand up immediately and say that such business practices were totally contrary to the values of America.

In politics, however, the GOP is supporting just that kind of absolute heresy.

My guess is that this latest bit of right wing extremism makes it ever more likely that Obama will be succeeded by a President from the Democratic Party.

Who is going to vote for a party populated by demagogues?

Who is going to vote for a group of anti-democratic elements who are denying the basic principles of the American legal and political system and thus are proving themselves totally unfit and untrustworthy for leadership?

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