Thursday, July 05, 2012

New Scientist TV has a One-Minute Illustrated Higgs Physics Short-Course Animation that In Our Opinion Shows Why Extreme Skepticism is Warranted on the Higgs Boson and Higgs Field, Both Essentially being Artificial Constructions

Laws of physics are also "laws", and that is why we also cover them at LawPundit, when warranted, to those of you out there who may be wondering.

Sandrine Ceurstemont, editor of New Scientist TV, has the report with the physics animation by Henry Reich in New Scientist TV: One-Minute Physics: Why the Higgs is the missing link.

See the hadron collider "blip" at Eufisica here:

and the proposed explanation at DailyKos here:

So, as you can read there, the whole thing is basically a bit like a slight-of-hand scientific Houdini trick, positing at the start of the experiment an invisible, unproven UNIVERSAL Higgs Field everywhere in the universe that allegedly gives elementary particles mass by slowing them down and the bigger the particles are, the more they are slowed down
-- gee, the alleged Higgs Field looks like gravity to us.

Significantly, all-pervasive gravity is excluded from the Higgs explanation of the "universe" -- a rather considerable exclusion, we think, throwing great doubt on the veracity of a theory that excludes the parameter of gravity.

But then again, we are not excited wishful thinking physicists dancing the "bosonova" (sic) about finding an alleged "God particle".

People have to distinguish what has actually been measured from what they WANT that measure to represent. There is a significant difference there.

All the hype in the mainstream media is totally misplaced.

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