Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Unified Patents in the EU, nearly: Unified Patent Court to be located in Paris, London and Munich for 25 EU Member States as Italy and Spain Opt Out

Owen Bowcott, the legal affairs correspondent at the Guardian, reports that a new European Union EU Unified Patent Court will be split between Paris, London and Munich as the European Council Summit OKd the new unified court

-- except for Spain and Italy, who opted out.

The agreement of the European leaders means that a single patent at some time in the future -- perhaps by 2014 when the court has been set up -- will be valid across the other 25 European Union Member States.

Advocates of States' Rights in the USA should examine the disconcerting Spanish and Italian opt out. That kind of undesired development is what happens when federalism is too weak and legal authority is watered down by local action.

Charles Krauthammer at The Washington Post with a Nice Piece on "Why Roberts Did It"

We are fans of the writing style of Charles Krauthammer, but not always his sometimes far right political opinions.

He has a new op-ed at the Washington Post at Why Roberts did it - The Washington Post, outlining the Roberts opinion in the National Health Care case and offering this conclusion:
"Why did he do it? Because he carries two identities. Jurisprudentially, he is a constitutional conservative. Institutionally, he is chief justice and sees himself as uniquely entrusted with the custodianship of the court’s legitimacy, reputation and stature."
We agree.
Roberts did his job.

Net Neutrality Lawsuit: Verizon Alleges that FCC Overstepped its Authority in Adopting Net Neutrality Rules

Did the FCC overstep its authority in adopting Net neutrality rules?

That is the argument of Verizon in a lawsuit against the FCC as Marguerite Reardon at CNET News Politics and Law reports that Verizon makes its case against the FCC's Net neutrality rules.

Private companies do not like the government controlling the rules that dictate how the Internet operates, but government institutions and educational research organizations and universities created the Internet so why should all these insatiably greedy private companies now be free to rake in the chips? No way.

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