Friday, May 04, 2012

EU Copyrights: European Court of Justice: ECJ Holds That Computer Program Functionality Is Not Copyrightable, but Programming Languages and File Formats may be

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Computer program functionality not copyrightable but programming languages and file formats may be protected by the Copyright Directive.

Two-Faced Dystopian America: Stripped Naked, Deloused and Uninsured

At The Guardian, Bernard Harcourt has coined the phrase "Stripped Naked, Deloused and Uninsured" to describe the demeaned "American" facing unconscionable two-faced law and politics in the United States.

That two-faced system is exemplified, according to Harcourt, by a U.S. Supreme Court that recently gave the go ahead for strip searches "without probable cause" as not being violative of individual rights in America, but at the same time a U.S. Supreme Court -- the SAME court -- that in oral argument recently showed grave doubts about requiring people to have health insurance, because that would be violative of individual rights in America.

Harcourt starts out his "must read" article as follows:
"There is a deep tension in contemporary US political thought between the notion of freedom that tends to dominate in the socio-economic domain and the concept of liberty that predominates in the penal sphere. In socio-economic matters, the idea of freedom tends to be shaped by classic economic liberalism: the belief that an invisible hand shapes favorable public outcomes, that individuals need robust protection from the government, that the state should refrain from interfering in commerce and trade. In the law enforcement and punishment context, by contrast, the dominant way of thinking about liberty gives far more ground to the government, to the police and to the state security apparatus."
Make sure you read the whole thing to get an idea of the significant change in the nature of the United States that has been taking place over recent decades and which, in this, the 21st century, has produced massive, unprecedented curtailments of individual personal liberties -- all allegedly for the sake of national security -- while at the same time empowering an elitist and monopolist culture of the few, who are profiting on the backs of e.g. foreign labor exploitation and via destruction of the American middle class.

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