Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jack Tramiel, Computer Pioneer, Passes from the Scene at Age 83 at Stanford in Palo Alto, California

"Even if you came out from hell, you can still make it."
- Holocaust survivor Jack Tramiel about his success as a computer pioneer.

Jack Tramiel helped to father the Commodore 64 which sold 4 times as many units as Apple II -- this author's first computer -- and introduced a whole generation of geeks to computers:
"Jack, you will be missed… you were the inspiration for generations upon generations of computer scientists, engineers, and gamers who had their first exposure to high technology because of your affordable computers."
The Commodore 64 is still regarded to be the best-selling computer model of all time.

Jack Tramiel bought and owned the company Atari in the days when I owned Atari STs -- and my Atari Mega ST 4 NEVER crashed in many years of use, something that modern PC users can only dream about. In fact, I know a musician viz. musical composer who still uses Steinberg Cubase and Atari STs in his work. Astonishing.

I also owned an Atari Portfolio, "the first PC-compatible palmtop" long before the pods, pads, tablets and smartphones sold today as modern copies of prior art that has often been patented in error, being nothing more than modern foreseeable extensions of things that existed long before them.

Scott M. Fulton, III, writes further at Read Write Web in Jack Tramiel Remembered: The Legacy of the Commodore Founder and PC Pioneer
"The PET 2001, the Commodore 64, and the Atari ST are three of the most important consumer products ever produced. Although only one was a huge financial success, the way you use your PC and your tablet and your smartphone all depend on the paths blazed by those three devices. Jack was the rare tech-company leader with true retail consumer product experience. He didn't invent anything, but he set many of this industry's wheels in motion, and we all owe him a huge debt for doing so." [computer links added by LawPundit]
Jack Tramiel, a Pioneer in Computers, Dies at 83 - is the headline at the New York Times in an obituary written by Douglas Martin for computer pioneer Jack Tramiel. Hat tip to CaryGEE.

At the Los Angeles Times, Dennis McLellan has the story at Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore computers, dies at 83.

Harry McCracken has the story at Time Techland in Improbable PC Pioneer: Commodore’s Jack Tramiel, 1928-2012
(the original Time link has/had 2011 rather than 2012 in error)

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