Friday, March 16, 2012

Digitization Taking Over Material Objects and Collecting in the Book, Music, Film, TV and Photo Industries

Digitization is taking over in numerous industries, including books by ebooks, CDs by music downloads, DVDs by film and TV show streaming and photographs by digital cameras.

Marco R. della Cava has the story at USA Today in The cloud remakes American homes, devouring books, CDs, DVDs, photos.

Billions in Bailouts for Crooked Banks but Criminal Extradition Only for Student Linking to Pirate Websites? Relative Justice in the United States is Way Out of Whack

The jails and prisons in America are full -- more people per capita population are in jail in the USA than in any other country in the world -- but imprisonment mania continues unabated.

YOU, the American legal community, are at fault for permitting this legal nonsense. Now the American law enforcement authorities are even going after people overseas -- students no less, for linking to allegedly illegal pirate sites, for copyright infringement, threatening a YEAR in prison. It would be too funny for words if it were not true.

Read this story at Pinsent Masons LLP on Alleged copyright infringing student extradition approved for extradition of a UK student to the USA for linking to pirate websites.

Can we view this as a form of "forced" immigration in a nation otherwise trying to halt immigration? Just bring in those criminals from beyond the sea?

Who foots this bill? The stupid taxpayers, of course, who, when all is said and done, are effectively paying the prison costs and the salaries of the lawyers and law enforcement officials who are spending their valuable time on this kind of nonsense.

No wonder the U.S. Justice Department and similar authorities are having no luck going after the big guys -- those responsible for thus far unprosecuted antitrust violations galore, for massive patent abuses wherever the eye can see, for bank and financial scams at the highest levels, such as derivative credit scams and the like. Any prosecutions there? Of course not  -- the law enforcement agencies are too busy going after students for linking to allegedly copyright infringing pages. Incredible.

Who is in charge in America for this kind of ridiculous law enforcement? Maybe they themselves should all be prosecuted for reckless waste of public funds?

Why has the Justice Department under President Obama not shifted its attention to the "big criminals" out there? Why not? What is the sense of having the mass of law enforcement going after the helpless little guys?

Maybe one of our smart professors of law out there can give us an answer?
We are waiting.

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