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Patent Pending - What Does it Mean?

See Presumption of Validity at Patent Pending

LEGAL WRITING? Where Did the Letters Come From? Try SAMEKH: Hebrew? Phoenician? Arabic? You and the Written Word: The Origins of Writing, Mycenaean Greek, Minoan, Aegean, Elamite, Egyptian and Sumerian

I used to teach Legal Writing. Where Did the Letters Come From?  How about SAMEKH? Hebrew? Phoenician? Arabic? Have you seen latest series by the Law Pundit on the origins of writing in Western Civilization? Here is a sample.

There is first a scan of a "syllabic" grid table excerpt from the original Microsoft Word manuscript -- the links there are not clickable because it is one image. That image is followed by the original text -- the links there are clickable -- but images embedded in Microsoft Word do not resolve in Blogger, so you will see some "filler" material. Go here for more syllables.

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The Syllable SI in the Minoan Aegean Sign Concordance (by Andis Kaulins) 
The Phaistos Disk fish
sign is seen by some to
was called σαρος in
Ancient Greek, a term
similar sounding to
σειρέω meaning
“to dry, dry out, parch”.
The non-fish signs
are supports viz. drying
racks for dried fish. In
Ancient Egypt fish were
Phoenician, Hebrew and
Arabic terms for samekh
mesh with the others.
A propped
In Phoenician:
Semk (samekh
or simketh)
samekh means
while samak is
“fish” in Arabic
Linear B
Rack for drying
or smoking
Fish drying rack
SI” is for fish.
Phaistos Disk
an early
symbol of
Polish osc-
No comparable Axe sign

Santorini (Thera)
Fisherman with
mackerel or tuna

A rack for
drying fish

SICHNT Food rack prop, O30, Gardiner


dim. of zivs
žuvis" “fish”
Latv. žāvēt
“to dry“
The SI-syllable analysis above presents one of the most spectacular of all the syllables because it ties in the "fish"-related origin of the SI-signs and similar signs of the major syllabaries and alphabets of Western Civilization.

Christians may be pleased to see their "fish" so prominently featured and fans of Sports Illustrated should be aglow (the magazine is known in the vernacular simply as "SI" and that's what you get if you simply "google" SI).

Go here for more syllables.

Big Law Lawyers Charging $1000 per Hour and Up but Attorney Fees Have to be Balanced Against Costs of Living, the Price of Real Estate and Rents, and Legal Results

See More Top Lawyers Break Through $1,000 Hourly Billing Barrier by Debra Cassens Weiss at the ABA Journal.

Most lawyers charge much less than that of course so that hourly billing rates may range widely from as low as $50 to over $1000 per hour. Partners charge more per hour, of course, while the work of associates for clients is charged at a substantially lower rate.

Hourly billing at the "big law" large law firms in major metropolitan areas is admittedly high, but those high rates are also balanced by expenses that are equally inflated due to the higher cost of living in big cities and other financial factors such as the exorbitant prices of real estate and office rental in city centers.

I once calculated for my own amusement in the days that I was a law firm associate in New York City, that I could have been living equally well -- if not better -- in most places in the country on one-fourth the salary that I was earning as an associate in the Big Apple, so that a fair comparison of actual hourly billing rates would have to be calibrated around the country in terms of actual costs of doing law practice, and related factors.

Moreover, attorney billing rates are a product of a capitalist system governed by the market of supply and demand. No one is forcing clients to pay those hourly rates. Nevertheless, many clients know that the results are often worth it. You are paying for high level expertise, and, in the last analysis, for positive results, which of course are not guaranteed, but which are more likely to be in your favor if you have top lawyers working for you on your legal matters.

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