Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LawPundit at Baidu in China

We were interested to see if LawPundit turns up in the search engine Baidu [把百度设为主页] in China and found that the first listing for a LawPundit search is http://www.myip.cn/lawpundit.com which looks something like this - this is only the top part of the page:


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IP Law Firms Sued for Infringing Patent Lawyer's Patents on Software for the Online Management of Patent Payments: LOL

LOL (laughing out loud). We love this article at Corporate Counsel by Joe Mullin in the Patent Litigation Weekly, Law.com, an ALM Web site, titled IP Law Firms Sued ... for Infringing Patents?.

Connecticut patent lawyer Wes Whitmeyer through his patent-holding company Whitserve LLC has started suing IP law firms across the country for patent infringement of his patented "patent payment management software".

Ever since Whitmeyer won a software patent infringement case before a federal jury against a competing company named CPi in May of this year in Hartford, Connecticut, Whitmeyer has picked up momentum. As Mullin writes:
"In one post-trial motion, Whitmeyer's lawyers ask for increased damages based in part on the fact that CPi's founder, Jerrold Van Winter, thought the WhitServe patents were "silly." In what appears to be a reference to an e-mail or message found during discovery, WhitServe's lawyers quote Van Winter as calling the WhitServe patents "the stupidest of all the stupid things i have ever seen. [It] proves the government is worse than worthless.""
It is sweet justice that the patently befuddled legal system is now finding itself being attacked by the same patent weapons it has created.

People such as myself who vigorously oppose software patents are all for Whitmeyer and his campaign to apparently monopolize a part of the online patent payment business because it may finally wake up the sleeping establishment that has permitted the currently unjust patent system to develop and flourish, either that, or they will be slain by the same evil sword that they created.

Don't complain, you deserve it. People such as myself have been warning you all for years, but you have not been paying attention.
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The Influence of Language on Human Thought Processes

This is a very interesting article by Guy Deutscher on human languages and their influence on thought processes. We do not all think the same, and language has something to do with it.

One example is geographic language. In English, directions are usually given from the position of the person giving them, right, left, forward, turn, etc. Speakers of Guugu Yimithirr report everything by the cardinal directions of the heavens.

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? - NYTimes.com
"Guy Deutscher is an honorary research fellow at the School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures at the University of Manchester. His new book, from which this article is adapted, is “Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages,” to be published this month by Metropolitan Books."

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