Monday, January 18, 2010

'Invisible' Woman, 78, Jailed 2 Weeks By 'System of So-Called Justice' - News - ABA Journal

Martha Neil has an aptly titled piece at the ABA Journal on an 'Invisible' Woman, 78, Jailed 2 Weeks By 'System of So-Called Justice'.

Although we are convinced that the ABA has reported the true version of the story, we did want to relate an alternative version that we heard on the grapevine about the events leading to the invisible woman's release.

It appears that Justic Scalia was secretly flown into Florida to provide assistance and spotted the invisible woman immediately, sternly informing the local authorities: "If it's original, I can see it."

(with apologies to to the late former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart)

Supreme Court Word of the Day: Orthogonal - News - ABA Journal

Nice article by Debra Cassens Weiss of the ABA Journal on the Supreme Court Word of the Day: Orthogonal, which means "extraneous, at right angles, perpendicular".

The Supreme Court Justices indicated in oral argument that they may want to use this word in a coming "opinion" or "dissent".

The world orthogonal stems from ancient Greek mathematics and the Greek language ὀρθός (orthos), meaning "straight", and γωνία (gonia), meaning "angle".

To help the Justices keep up in this field of inquiry, we recommend our (alleged) decipherment of the Phaistos Disc, which we claim to be written in Ancient Greek and to contain Euclid's 5th postulate, which starts out as follows in our decipherment transliteration found at our blog Minoan Culture:
"[SIDE A of the Phaistoc Disc] "Foreseen (are) - as given - standing straight lines (perpendiculars)" - to be constructed (drawn).".

Law Practice No Longer a Golden Goose?

Alex Williams at the New York Times in No Longer Their Golden Ticket examines the new situation of young lawyers faced with a legal profession enduring its "worst slump in decades".

Put the PCs in Prison? Computer Crime as a Balance of Technology and Behavioral Science

Steve Lohr at the New York Times in Google Case in China Highlights Gaps in Computer Security writes that:
"“Fighting computer crime is a balance of technology and behavioral science, understanding the human dimension of the threat,” said Mr. Stroz, the former F.B.I. agent and security investigator. “There is no law in the books that will ever throw a computer in prison.”" : a BLOCKBUSTER online application to convert and save any website page into a .pdf - for FREE looks like a blockbuster application. You can use it online to convert and save any website page into a .pdf - for FREE. And it works. We ran it on our LawPundit page successfully.

They write at their Twitter page:

" pdfmyurl 48 hours online and 22,000 people have visited. That's a lot of people. Plus a Japanese mention:"

Branding, IP, Finance and J.P. Morgan Chase : Return of the Glass-Steagall Act?

IP finance ... where money issues meet intellectual property rights:
When Branding Comes to the Rescue of J.P. Morgan Chase

Tweet Tweet: Can I Copyright That? : What is Protected? Kyle-Beth Hilfer Discusses the Law of Copyrights On Twitter

Tweet Tweet: Can I Copyright That?

German Publishers Complain to Cartel Authorities about Google

Ralf Rottmann at headlines his article Oh no, German publishers call cartel authority to go against Google and writes inter alia:
"Yesterday, Google Germany confirmed that the German newspaper publishers association (BDZV), Microsoft owned Ciao and online maps service Euro-Cities AG called the German cartel authorities to investigate Google’s business practices, for various different reasons.

At the heart of their complaint they sing along the well-known Rupert Murdoch idea: “We have no clue how to innovate our own business model, so we’d love to get a share of Google’s ads revenues!”

The rationale behind it is the assertion, by grabbing parts of their “valuable content”, created at “extremely high production costs” and inserting it into search results, Google would violate the publishers’ intellectual property rights."
Read the full article.

Writers Can Prosper Without Intellectual Property - Gennady Stolyarov II - Mises Institute

Writers Can Prosper Without Intellectual Property
by Gennady Stolyarov II - Mises Institute
"It is commonly supposed that, whatever its moral and theoretical standing, intellectual property is necessary for creators of written works to make a living and — even more importantly — to continue to create. Here, I will set aside the theoretical status of copyright, which is amply discussed in Stephan Kinsella's Against Intellectual Property and Michele Boldrin and David Levine's Against Intellectual Monopoly. I will focus on existing and emerging possibilities for writers to earn a living in a world where no copyrights exist."

Grahnlaw: EP hearing Michel Barnier: Intellectual property rights

Grahnlaw: EP hearing Michel Barnier: Intellectual property rights

Art as Economics : Germany turns to Culture to Combat Foreign Competition

Germany combats foreign competition with culture - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
by Mike Wereschagin of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

hat tip to German-American Relations group at LinkedIn

Alternative Billing Methods in Labor and Employment Law

Michael J. Lotito: The Emplyoment Law Revoltuion, headlines at Entrepreneur:
"Streamline Your Legal Services: Results-based fees could make your attorney more efficient"
and writes:
"One area in which alternative billing methods have been successful is labor and employment law...."
Read the full article here.

Royalty and Continuity : Queen Elizabeth in Photographs with 11 USA Presidents : Is Monarchy a Model for Unity of the Baltic States : A Baltic Union

We just posted this status report to law_pundit at Twitter:

Talk about #continuity ! #Queen #Elizabeth in #Photographs with 11 #Presidents of the #USA #UK #USA #royals #royalty

These photos show one advantage of monarchies over elected representation: continuity of leadership. The politicians come and go, but Kings and Queens endure!

Long live the Queen!

Not being a British subject, we nevertheless mean that sincerely.
Here is our take on royalty and monarchy as a model for the Baltic nations, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

When the Baltic nations obtained their independence from the USSR (Soviet Union) some 20 years ago, I suggested to some powerful people in Latvia then that they unite the Baltic States politically, since they compose a "regional unity" (see Antonius Piip wrote in The Baltic States as a Regional Unity, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 168, American Policy in the Pacific (Jul., 1933), pp. 171-177, published by Sage Publications, Inc. in association with the American Academy of Political and Social Science (the article is at JSTOR)).

My idea was to establish one political entity from the three Baltic States and call it the Baltic Union, a political commonwealth whose unity would make the Baltic nations much more powerful in defending their own vested interests in this competitively dangerous world.

At the same time, my solution would also have called for each nation to establish its own "elected" monarchy, whose business would not be to run the nation's political affairs, but rather to act as the symbolic standard bearer for their own particular nation, using the United Kingdom as an example. One Baltic Union. Three Baltic Kingdoms.

In this manner, each of the Baltic States, i.e. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, would retain their individuality and sovereignty in their own elected monarch, but they would merge their political systems for their mutual economic (i.e. financial), social and military benefit.

Unfortunately, my sensible ideas fell on deaf ears. Most politicians in the Baltic States have, unfortunately, had no better idea about the future of their countries and peoples than but to follow the same exact mistakes that have been made in the Baltic region for centuries. Everyone wants to "run things", but few know how. Where in the entire Baltic region has anyone developed any NEW ideas about how to take a different path than the unsuccessful paths already taken in history? You have the same old demagogues now that you had before. Nothing has changed. Incompetent leadership prevails everywhere and it is no surprise to see the financial difficulty in which these nations currently find themselves.

I also suggested at the time of independence, for example, that the Baltic nations were - and still are - in the enviable position of ultimately banning private combustion vehicles from their cities and roads. Given the sparse population of the Baltic, there is no need for gasoline driven vehicles, except for trucks (lorries) and gasoline-driven equipment. Riga, for example, has become traffic congested beyond all description - for no sane reason. NO ONE needs all these cars in Riga. No one. Indeed, one reason that the Baltic nations have such economic problems is precisely because a gasoline-motor-centered economy was imposed upon them in circumstances where it was idiotic to do so. How much of the current Baltic deficit is accounted for by purchases of motor vehicles that no one really needs?

The Baltic States - as the Baltic Union - could adopt a time plan for supplanting motor vehicles by electrical vehicles in the private sector. There are very few main roads in these countries. Switching to electric vehicles would not be a burden. There are also only a handful of larger cities, all of which would be much better places without vehicles having gasoline engines.

Rather than following other blind leaders blindly, my dear friends in the Baltic, why, for a change, not think ahead and be the pioneers instead???? If you continue to act like once oppressed peoples, you are still oppressed. Move forward - the past can not be changed.

Twitter 101 for Lawyers

Twitter 101 for Lawyers by Nicole Black

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