Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Incompetents in Congress : A Man Who Can Not Maintain Decorum as a Congressman is Unfit to Make Laws for Ordinary Citizens : South Carolina Wake Up

A lawmaker who does not abide by the rules himself is the worst sort of example for the citizens of any country, and the United States is no exception.

One of America's problems is that many of the people elected to the U.S. Congress and other high political offices are more-or-less populist-elected candidates, who are often very popular with the simple folk who elect them, but who do not seem to have the integrity and character required to properly exercise their Congressional or other political offices. Too many incompetents in high political office are ruining the country.

The U.S. State of South Carolina is currently the worst example of the worst. In the first place, South Carolina has a shamelessly unrepentant governor who refuses to give up his office, even though he has self-admittedly engaged in a serious breach of the public trust by cavorting in foreign lands with a woman not his wife rather than doing his job, and that beleaguered State now sports a Congressional representative whose public behavior in Congress reminds one of undisciplined children in elementary school. We are not moralists, but those who break the rules in this manner should be tossed out of office.

Furthermore, a man who heckles the President of the United States from his back seat in Congress has no business being in Washington D.C. legislating the country's laws for others. If he can not abide by the rules himself, he is no role model for anyone else.

As for the State of South Carolina, I happened to be in that State last year, and the people of that State should rather urge their politicians to turn to the serious problems that the State of South Carolina apparently faces. In the city of Greenville we stopped at a large intersection which was manned at every corner by several adults carrying buckets, apparently begging for money and approaching motorists stopped at traffic lights. They also appeared to be possible hindrances to traffic. It was a rather astonishing scene, not well suited to the "America" I used to know and I had never seen anything like that before in the good old USA. Whatever the cause of this phenomena (unemployment, lax law enforcement, dire need, etc.), the governor of the State, its Congressional representatives and political office holders should FIRST be solving simple home-grown problems like those described above before they venture out of line to give the rest of the country or the U.S. President their opinions about how things should be run nationally.

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