Saturday, October 07, 2006

Readers of LawPundit : Bonnybridge - UFO Capital of the UK (United Kingdom)

We knew that our readership at LawPundit had a global reach, but even we were surprised to see at Google Analytics that we had been visited twice in September by readers from Bonnybridge near Falkirk in Scotland in the United Kingdom (between Glasgow and Edinburgh).

We ask, humourously, of course: do we have "special" readers out there?

Our Socratic mind was led to this state of inquisitive raised eyebrows by reading Ian Johnston's 2004 article, It's official - Bonnybridge is UFO capital of UK, where he informs us:

"A FEW weeks ago, in the town of Bonnybridge, an unidentified flying object [UFO] was seen to "land" on the golf course [golf].

The town has also been visited by Celtic priests, who claim extra-terrestrials are watching over the hiding place for both the real Stone of Destiny and the Ark of the Covenant, while locals have reported being abducted by aliens."

Some claim indeed that the actual hiding place for the original Stone of Destiny, used for the coronation of Irish and British kings, is Bonnybridge.

You can imagine that this coincidence of unexpected singularities in this particular historical context sparked the imagination of this writer, who not only is an avid golfer, but who also has written about Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny or Stone of Scone (pic, Arbroath, Jacob's pillow stone), and also has opined about the present alleged location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Bonnybridge is not just any old village, but is the site of Seabegs Wood and Rough Castle, the best preserved fort on the Antonine Wall (also known as Graham's Dyke). Many people think that the Antonine Wall (see also Antonine Way and Falkirk Wheel) is Roman in its entirety, but that is false. It is well known that the Romans built on top of previous sacred sites and that modern roads often follow older paths; indeed, radiocarbon dating has shown that some of the ditches and banks at Rough Castle may go back as far as ca. 2134 BC (one of the radiocarbon-dating Sigma dates).

In addition, there was in fact a prehistoric ford at Bonnybridge. See J. Hamilton, C.M. Clarke, A. Dunwell & R. Tipping, A prehistoric ford near Rough Castle, Falkirk, Scottish Archaeol J (Scottish Archaeological Journal) 23.2, pp. 91-103, 2002.

In the hermetic ("as above, so below") astronomical context of our book, Stars Stones and Scholars: The Decipherment of the Megaliths, Rough Castle at Bonnybridge would mark the position of the Pleiades, both in its form as also by the number and placement of its enclosures (each arguably for a star of the Pleiades), using an ancient hermetic system documented among the Pawnee Indians and similar e.g. to that used, as we have discovered, for the Temples of Malta, and also elsewhere throughout the world at megalithic sites.

For a drawing of the layout of Rough Castle at Bonnybridge in pre-Roman times, see Illustration 2 (Illus 2) at Ian D. Mate (with contributions by J. Barber, M. Baxter, M. McBarron, R. McCullagh, B. Moffat & P. Strong), Excavations of an enclosure system at Rough Castle, Falkirk, Proc SocAntiq Scot (Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland), 125, pp. 483-497, fiche 2: Gil-14, 1995, as funded by Historic Scotland and as surveyed by RCAHMS.

Our equation of Rough Castle at Bonnybridge with the Pleiades in the ancient hermetic stellar system in Scotland should warm the UFOers hearts, many of whom believe that the Pleiades are the home of alien extraterrestrials who visit earth. We ourselves are solid UFO sceptics who think that UFO sightings are atmospheric phenomena, sightings of experimental military aircraft, or similar. We reject all heavenly visitors as superstition.

We note, however, that we are in the vast minority of humanity in our extraterrestrial scepticism. Most of the world's religions and their adherents seem to believe in extraterrestrials in the broader sense that prophets and sons of God as even God himself have "outer space" connections to a "God in heaven". Muslims, Jews and Christians seem to think that there is a God "out there beyond us" somewhere, so who are we to allege the opposite?

So maybe the Maker and his cohorts fly in occasionally to see what is up on planet Earth.
Fair enough. Keep an eye on the flock.

In which case, we proclaim: Guests and Visitors, Welcome to LawPundit !

You are at the right place.

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